Rotate Rotate Rotate

When I started to store a lot of my make up stash in acrylic storage I made a pact with myself to keep things rotated regularly. The bulk of my make up does still reside in my dressing table so it is very easy for items to get pushed to the back and long forgotten about. So now every week (on a Sunday mostly) I have a rifle through my stocks and switch up my make up the week as it works well as this is brush laundry day too. 

Not only has this given me the chance to find some old forgotten favourites but it also means I can have a good clean whilst I'm at it. I end up giving my dressing table a quick dust every single day well because I seem to live in the house of dust. But I like to get out some antibacterial spray and a pack of baby wipes and give my storage and beauty items a quick once over. Keeping your make up clean is important and nobody wants bacteria to get in that might cause infections etc. I'm going to make myself stick to using two mascara's at a time too so that I'm not constantly chopping and changing and they get used within their sell by dates. 

I can easily get stuck in a rut with my make up and just use what I know works and looks nice but now I'm rotating things more often I'm getting to rediscover products too. I'm currently trying to use a new base every single week so that I can get a good use out of all my stocks As well as my extensive foundation collection I also have quite the blush collection too so I'm sticking that around a lot too at the moment and I've rediscovered the beauty that is Benefit Bella Bamba. I've also moved all the items that I really do need to just use up into prime spots so that I can say goodbye to them and move onto something new.  

Do you like to rotate your beauty products?

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