Skincare in the Fridge?

Back during my university days I used to keep rolls of film in the fridge but now I've moved onto keeping a few my skincare items in amongst my milk. I definitely do this a lot more in the summer months when we have the heat to warrant such a practice as I can't imagine anything worse than taking my make up off with a icy cold micellar water come winter time. Although if my skin is particularly stressed and inflamed than I will risk the cold anytime of the year. 

Removing my make up with a micellar water is the first step of my skincare routine and I'm currently using the Garnier Micellar Water. I find this so refreshing when it is a little cooler, particularly around my eye area as they are a red puffy mess thanks to my terrible hay fever. Also if I'm suffering with any breakouts then it really helps to reduce any inflammation around the area and make the spot look a lot less angry. I've got a funny relationship with MAC Fix +, I kinda love to hate it because I don't find it makes an ounce of difference with making my make up last longer. However as a refreshing spritz throughout the day if it is really hot it is perfect or if I have gone a little crazy with the powder it helps to take things down a notch or two. 

As I'm addicted to toners as find they make a big difference to my skin something I've started to do lately as I've been a little spotty is keeping my hydrating option in the fridge. I've spoken a lot how much I love the Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist* so I won't start gushing again but it is really keeping my skin happy and balanced. My face masks don't have full time residence amongst my eggs but if I know I'm going to apply one then I will pop it in for around an hour before and it makes applying it absolutely dreamy. As I mentioned I'm really struggling with hay fever at the moment as the pollen count has been terribly high so in a morning I've been using the Organic Surge Eye Gel* which really helps to calm any puffiness and smooth itchiness. 

Do you keep any skincare items in the fridge?
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