Still waiting to find the one

Out of all the make up items I use and try I still seem to struggle to find the one mascara, I've never been faithful to just one and I'm beginning to wonder if it even exists. I was strictly a high street girl when it came what I coated my lashes with but then throughout the past year or so I've wandered into more high end territory. I got into the habit of layering mascara's in my teens and it is one that I can't seem to drop no matter how hard I try and I find the only way I really love a mascara is if I layer it with an other. Naturally my lashes really aren't anything too special, just kind of standard really unlike my boyfriend who has the most beautiful lashes I've ever seen and I'm forever jealous of them. I always make sure to give them a quick curl with the Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers so that they can try and maintain the curl for as long as they can. I try and keep my mascaras to a strict shelf life of 6 months only but some of them do slip through the net and last a little longer. 

High Street
Until my mid 20's I only bought my mascara's and the majority of my make up from the likes of Boots & Superdrug so I've used most of the options they have. A recent-ish release is the L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara and this has had a lot of coverage throughout the blogging world was I had high hopes for it. For me this just falls a little flat, I hate how bendy this wand is because I don't feel like I get much control so I can't work it into the lashes with ease. It is ok but not amazing and definitely doesn't give the look I was hoping it would do. A mascara that surprised me is the MeMeMe Dark & Divine* it builds volume whilst keeping the lashes separated and it doesn't smudge either which is big problem I have. It reminds me of a much more budget option of the YSL Babydoll if you were looking to give that a try. Something that I loved and used for months was the 17 Doll'd Up Mascara and that is something I would definitely pick up again as it was awesome for price.

High End
I seem to gathered a fair few more pricey options in my mascara stash without even realising it. My first one that I purchased was the YSL Babydoll and the packaging alone is absolutely stunning, my sister is a big fan of YSL mascaras. This is the only mascara that has really come close to giving me those perfect lashes I dream of when use alone. It creates length and volume with ease and never flakes or smudges and it also has a strange yet dreamy scent too although I can imagine this would irritate sensitive eyes. Something new I've been giving a try is the Clarins Truly Waterproof Mascara* which I was super disappointed by. It has quite a dry formula already and it doesn't really add anything to the lashes and it smudges like crazy even thought it is meant to be waterproof. Something I need to re-purchase when I need to buy a new mascara is the Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara as I found this really added a lot of volume to my lashes and had some serious lasting power. It is the only mascara I have currently that has a curved wand too and that is something that really helps keep a curl to my lash. 

I received the A La Carte Divine Lash* in a beauty box and was pleasantly surprised by it. It packs quite the punch when it comes to volume but then it can easily become clumpy if you apply too much. It is one thats all day too and I can find sometimes mascara can easily flake off and then by 5pm it doesn't look like I ever applied it but then I do have the tendency to pick at it too. My final option is the the Yves Rocher Volume Vertige* which provides a love doll eyed look which is the kind of look I like to go for as it really opens up my eyes and makes me look a lot more awake than I probably am. The brush is quite large so for that reason I don't like to use it on my bottom lashes but used on the top it is really lovely. 

What is your favourite mascara? Have you found the one?
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