Which shades work for me?

I'm 24 and I still don't think I will ever work out quite what shades work for me make up wise and which don't. I always hear this phrase 'this shade suits everybody' when people talk about certain beauty products, I've come to really hate this phrase to be honest. I'm always that girl who obviously has no idea what kind blush goes with a red lip or what lipstick to wear with a purple toned blush and so on and then it leads to the never ending question of does this suit me? 

Being a pretty fair skinned girl with pink undertones that do give me that lovely english rose complexion, which I've come to really love there are just some shades that don't work for me. Bronzer is main culprit here, I try so hard to get it really work for me as I would love to look like a bronzed glowing goddess but were just not a match.  The only one I've ever owned is in this trio from Benefit and it is Hoola, I've only ever dared to use it on the cheeks once to which my ex boyfriend asked me why my cheeks were brown so obviously that wasn't working for me. I moved onto contouring with it on the rare occasion I go all out with my make up and with a very light hand it can kind of work but there is a very fine line from working to brown stripe.

Lipstick is something I'm slowly working my way around learning what works and what doesn't. When I first started to get really into beauty I was all about the nude lips and since then I've come to learn that something like MAC 'Shy Girl' is possibly the worst lipstick I could try and wear. Peachy pinks are something that can sit well with my skin tone but they have to be much more pink than peach. The same goes for orange lipsticks, something I so badly want to love as I think they can look absolutely stunning and I regular gaze at this picture. If I was more tanned than possibly it could work for me but I'm not going on holiday anytime soon and I live in the rainy UK so for now it is a no. 

With so many beautiful eye palettes on the market it is easy to get sucked into buying them. When the Naked 3 Palette was released I thought it was absolutely beautiful but boy pink eye shadows do not suit me in the slightest. I'm a green eyed green girl so something with more a purple undertone is something that really works well for me. Like orange lipsticks I want to love bronze eyeshadows as on some girls it looks absolutely stunning but I have to stick to more neutral options as I've found something of that nature just makes me look terrible. 

Which shades don't sit too well with you?
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