The Fail Safes: Beauty

The realisation that I've been wearing make up over 11 years is quite a scary one but it is only until now I think I've found my fail safe beauty products. The ones that always just work for you when you apply them or when your not quite sure what to put on they are always something you go for. If I were to use the phrase 'holy grail' then they would be top of the pile for sure as they really are that good.

I natter on and on about important my base is too and I'm sure a lot of you would expect to see the Laura Mercier Silk Creme here but instead I've opted for the YSL Youth Liberator foundation. This is a gel formulation so I find it very forgiving when my skin is dehydrated it doesn't cling to any dry patches yet it still stands the test of time when my skin is a little oily too. It gives the most beautiful finish to the skin whilst offering a good medium coverage without masking out my face which I hate about some bases. Last year I started to use the 17 Stay Time Concealer instead of the infamous Collection Lasting Perfection and I much prefer it. It has such a creamy formula, it doesn't become cakey but it still covers any blemish that I might have. 

I flit between loving powder and then skipping it but lately I've completely gone back to the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural. In the winter I prefer something that gives a lot more light to the skin but in the summer this powder keeps my make up on all day whilst providing such a natural finish to the skin like the name suggests. Whenever I know that I really need my eyeshadow to last all day then I always use my MAC shadows, they just never fail me, they provide a pretty colour and serious lasting power. Even with my hefty blush collection there is one that I probably use at least once a week and that is the Stila Convertible Colour in Lilium, such a beautiful shade and that is perfect pink on my complexion. I need to pick up more of these blushes are they have the most lovely cream formulation and the packaging is adorable too.

When I go for a lipstick I either go for a bold or a dusky pink, I don't like anything too nude which makes me look like I've put concealer on nor do I like anything crazy bright. My all time favourite red is the No7 Stay Perfect lipstick in Cherry, it doesn't lean too blue or too orange based just a classic red. I love the formulation of these lipsticks are they are matte but they aren't ever drying and they last a good 4 hours without any touch ups. The Bourjois Rouge Edition lipstick in shade 4 has quickly become my all time favourite pink, it is just perfect. A creamy yet opaque formulation that wears evenly throughout the day and you can never over do it with this lipstick as sometimes I can get a little over zealous with my lipstick application. 

What are your fail safe beauty items?
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