The not so glamorous products

There are just some beauty products that I seem to skim past when I think of ideas for blog posts but some of them are such a large part of my routine they deserver their day in the sun. Within the beauty blogging world we discuss most things but certain items just don't get a mention when we all know they are probably our most used. So today I'm sharing the less than glamorous items that I wouldn't be without and are a key part of my routine. 

I'm a pretty hairy girl anyway and especially being a brunette that means that those little fine hairs that we all have on our upper lips can make me look like I've got a better moustache than a 15 year old boy. I've bleached it for years in-fact probably since I was about 13 thanks to getting bulled about it at school by boys and the best I've found is this set from Boots. It makes the hairs so much less noticeable and lasts a good 3 months but for any really unruly ones I do just pluck them out which is pretty painful admittedly but it does the job. On the topic of hair something I started to use the Nads Ingrown Solution last year and it has changed my life.  Ingrown hairs and razor rash in a more intimate area of your body can be pretty painful and this is the only thing I've found to really help it, although it does sting a tiny bit on application it clears everything up so quickly. 

Last year when I developed a high temperature and it never left so when it gets warm I overheat quite easily and it made me so paranoid about how much I was sweating. So I made the switch from spray deodorants to roll on and the best I've found to date is the Mitchum Advanced Control, this keeps me dry all day and I'm not longer a paranoid polly when the sun comes out. I like to really take care of my feet and although some people think it is a gross topic I think dry and crusty tootsies are much worse. A quick use of a foot file once I've got out of the bath keeps sloughs away any dry skin and then with the Soap & Glory Heel Genius rubbed into them makes sure they are kept nice and smooth. I've had my nose pierced nearly 5 years now and last December and I got the ring caught on my waffle bedding and tore it. It left quite a nasty keloid scar and only now has it started to properly heal and I've been using the Sudocream Skin Care Cream* on it to help things along. Sudocrem has a bad rep in the beauty community but personally I've always found it to really help any issues I might be having, it is a do it all kind of product that I will always have in my stocks. 

What are your not so glamorous beauty items?
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