Good enough to eat...well sort of

Along with the rest of the world I imagine I'm a complete sucker for delicious smelling beauty products. Sometimes a beauty product can smell that good I just buy it for that reason alone (mainly hair and body products) of course many a time this had led to be being super disappointed with the actual functionality of the item. My favourite scents vary from what product I'm using for example with my hair I go from wanting to smell really fresh to smelling a bowl of fruit and then with my body I'm pretty stuck on wanting to smell like a cake (who doesn't). 

I know what your thinking and I can understand, a mascara isn't really a product that comes to mind when you think beauty products that smell so good you could eat them but hear me out. The YSL Babydoll mascara was the first really high end mascara I ever purchased and the smell alone makes me want to run to my local counter to buy a new one. I've kept the tube of this because the packaging just makes me so happy sat on my dressing table, pretty sad I know but it is true but the scent just reminds of last summer and brings back a lot of nostalgia. MAC are known for their lipsticks anyway but something I know I'm not alone with loving that vanilla fragrance that they all have too, it makes them absolutely lovely to use. 

Another lip product is the Nuxe Reve de Miel*, a lip balm with a lot of hype around it but it is amazing so it is well deserved. The scent makes just that much better, anything that is reminiscent to a Terry's Chocolate Orange is good in my books, sometimes I just like to sit and sniff it at night if I fancy something sweet it totally fixes all cravings. Jo Malone are my go to when I fancy picking up a new fragrance and I've currently got my eye on the Peony & Blush Suede and Earl Grey & Cucumber. My all time favourite is the Blackberry & Bay and I think it is probably the scent that I will wear on my wedding day it smells absolutely beautiful. 

You might be wondering why the Free From Blowout Shampoo is in here, it does has the most amazing watermelon fragrance that lingers in the hair even if it isn't the greatest product. I have however  found another use for it when used with another conditioner from Liz Earle, the two make a pretty lovely team and I'm glad that I finally get some use out of it. Soap & Glory always deliver when it comes to scent and I'm currently using a trio of moisturisers that my sister bought me for my birthday. The Righteous Butter smells like the classic S&G fragrance whilst something like the Butter Yourself has an almost quite masculine scent. Something I use on a more special occasion is the Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Honey Bath, which I can never do justice on just how lovely is this in words. It fills the entire room with the scent too and when used in combination with the moisturiser you are bound to smell like a dream.

What are your favourite scents in your beauty products?
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