The Three Step Facial

I've gone from barely remembering to use a face mask to using three in one go. I've finally found the joy of having a solid mask routine and it has been doing my skin wonders when I've stuck to it. In the past I've really struggled to notice a difference in my skin when I've been using a mask before and but these three in particular have become my three step facial when my skin needs a real treat.

To give my skin a good clear out and help any congestion I might have around my nose I've been using the Aesop Parsley Seed Masque. This does all sorts of wonderful things to my skin and I really can't get enough of it at the moment, it clears all the rubbish out of my pores without stripping it and doesn't leave me with a face full of spots either.

I proclaim my love for chemical exfoliants on almost a daily basis, they are just incredibly effective on my skin. The best mask I've found for giving you an instant boost of radiance is the Jurlique Fruit Enzyme Exfoliator*, something similar to this is the REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask which I've gone through a tube of. Although the consistency is quite odd and takes a while to get used to I can really feel this working on my skin with a few minutes. I like to use this in combination with something clarifying because I find that way my skin looks super bright and clear. 

Sometimes I will miss out this step but if my skin is looking a little drab and dry then I make sure to apply the Helenere Hedelweiss Cream Mask*. By far the best moisture mask I've ever used, it is a thick creamy formulation that leaves my skin feeling so plump and hydrating. I'm trying my best savour this for the winter months as I know it will work absolute wonders. 

Are you a fan of the three step facial?
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