The Pros & Cons of having a Full Fringe

Illustration by Jessica Challanor-Sterland

After having my full fringe cut back in for around a year I've learnt a lot about how about high maintenance they can be. Whilst I might absolutely adore it and I probably won't grow it back out for years to come there are some woe's that come with them but also a lot of joy too.

  • It frames my face a lot more than just having a side swept fringe.
  • Hides all eyebrow disasters.
  • And spots or that matter.
  • It can make a pony tail or messy bun a little more exciting.
  • Barrel blowdrying it when you've washed your hair is one the greatest pleasures in my life.
  • It keeps my forehead warm in the winter, I'm not kidding. 
  • On a good day sometimes you can wear a middle parting and unleash your inner Alexa Chung.
  • Gap fringe.
  • It never seems to sit right in photographs.
  • When summer hits it can be like wearing a blanket on your forehead.
  • The fine line between fringe length perfection and overgrown.
  • Regular trips to the hairdressers, every 3 weeks is my schedule. 
  • Bad fringe day = disastrous hair day.
  • Dry shampoo is suddenly your new best friend.

Are you a fan of the full fringe?
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Rebecca WarrinerBeauty