Banishing Redness

Naturally my skin doesn't have much redness to it at all however dealing with a lot of blemishes and the scars that they leave behind means I've become hooked on trying to get rid of those red marks they leave behind. I've worked out a good routine to actually deal with the scars that you can read here, but concealing and banishing the redness is whole different story. There is just something about having angry red skin that I find almost impossible to deal with sometimes and even with all the concealer in the world is can be a real pain to hide. 

A mask that came into my life a few months is the Dr Weil for Origins Mega Mushroom Skin Relief, I don't believe this is actually being made any more from what I can see on the site which is a shame. If my skin is particularly red and angry or just generally stressed I slather this on and leave it for around half an hour. My skin just looks so much calmer once I've used this and although it doesn't eliminate the redness completely it certainly helps. I've waxed lyrical about the Jurlique Calendula Redness Rescue Soothing Moisturising Cream* but it really is a fantastic product. It helps to calm any redness so blemishes are a lot easier to conceal when I use this but I don't feel like it lacks on any of the skincare benefits either as my skin feels so hydrated afterwards. 

Initially I didn't really get on with the Indeed Labs Pepta-Bright serum but after giving it another go and practically finishing it up I do think it can be a good aid to have around for really troubled skin. It brightens everything up in the skin as well as helping the complexion just look a lot more plump but it also works at fading scars and redness too. I've not been too kind to the Dr Jart+ Water Fuse BB Cream but something I do love about is how well it conceals redness. Although the shade can be a little dark for me most of the time I can use it on problem areas underneath my concealer and foundation. In combination the the BB cream the Clinique Superprimer Anti Redness, I really like the finish this leaves on my skin and if I wasn't really feeling up to wearing make up but I was having a particularly bad skin day I could just use this to help ease any patches that were really bad. 

Have you got any tips for banishing redness?
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