Introducing Nothing Fancy Really

Živa's blog has been on my radar for a while now, a Slovenian blogger who works at Cosmopolitan (dream job right?) She posts everything right from beauty to lifestyle and has recently started to do book reviews recently. So if you're a fan of Nothin' Fancy Really then keep on reading to know more about the lovely girl behind the blog.

Tell us about yourself Živa?

Well, I'm a soon-to-be-reluctant-23-year-old, I work at Cosmopolitan locally, and I also write my blog, Nothin' Fancy. Really. Oh, I also do some ghostwriting on the side, which is so much fun! Writing has always been my passion and I guess I can now add photography to the list! I live in a tiny European country called Slovenia and I aspire to be a full-time writer someday, be it blogging, fiction, or journalism. I'm a big reader, I love statement lip products, baking and stalking the postman.

What got you into blogging?

It's kind of a funny story, I started posting photos of my (mostly horrific) manicures on a forum online, and eventually started a blog to keep everything in place. My first blog was called The Dollhouse Diary, because ... I have no idea. Does anyone not regret their blog name? Then I started Nothin' Fancy. Really. in 2012 and never looked back!

Tell us more about Nothin' Fancy Really?

This may sound slightly strange, but I love, love, love my blog. It's my number one hobby, and I really take pride in it. I try to post daily, and I really take time and effort with my posts and photos. I'm really proud of it. It was, at first, just a place to stock my pretty photos (this was well before Instagram, mind you), but now it's so much more than that. It's my pride and joy! I sound like a sad blogging lady, but it's true.

What keeps you inspired?

I have to say I'm inspired everyday by the blogging and online community. I really love reading other blogs, and it takes up at least an hour every day! I also love a good flick through a magazine like Cosmo, Glamour, Marie Claire or Allure, to name a few. I'm also majorly inspired by art - I guess it comes from being a (failed) Art History student. Be it book covers, posters, paintings, sculptures ... I love it all.

What are your favourite things about blogging?

Prepare for a slight sob story ... I'm a very shy and timid person - at least I used to be. People I used to know don't even recognize me anymore. My blog has made me so much more confident, not only about my appearance, but my skills as well. I don't have many friends, but every single one I have I've met through blogging or has a blog. I love the connections, friendships and all that comes with it. But it's hard to name a favourite part. I literally dread evenings, because it means I can't shoot photos. I wake up every morning and look forward to blog related things. It's just such a dream come true to be able to do this as a hobby.

Current favourites?

Beauty items - I'm obsessing over the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets! Okay, okay, I know everyone's talking about them, but they really are all that. I'm also a bit of a perfume fiend, so I'm always wanting a new scent. On my wishlist right now is Pure by DKNY, which is a gorgeous fresh scent. Fashion-wise, I'm loving kimonos ... I just got a gorgeous blue and green printed number from H&M and will probably wear it to death (and then have a funeral for it). And as for lifestyle ... I'm big on reading, and my current favourite is Colleen Hoover's Maybe Someday. I just discovered the New Adult genre and am kind of having a moment with it. Oh, and I like to burn a candle while reading, and my favourite at the moment is Yankee Candle Strawberry Cream. Finally, I just got some flowers for blog photos today, and I have to mention them. Of course I love peonies, tulips, roses et cetera, but gladiolas are just exquisite.

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