Lifestyle Lovin'

As much as I like to share my favourite lipstick of the moment there is more to life than lip products. I'm always a sucker for knowing what people are up to and enjoying in their day to day life so I thought I would share my current lifestyle favourites. 

Fruit is my favourite thing to eat, I could eat it all day everyday if I had my way and I did once have a punnet of strawberries for my dinner. I'd heard people mention the joy that is donut peaches before as I'm a big fan of peaches anyway and then combined with another one of my favourite foods, donuts we were a match made in heaven. I don't know what it is about donut peaches but they are so much easier to eat and seem to taste better too but maybe that is all my mind?

The Simpsons is ranked at number 3 in my all time favourite tv shows (number 1 &2 being The Office and Friends), some people think it is silly but I always find in a lot of episodes that they conquer big political issues which you don't expect from a cartoon show. This year marked the 25th anniversary of the show so they've done a lot of collaborations and I've obviously got my eye on the Moleskine. Before my boyfriend left for the states we became a little obsessed with getting some of the Lego pieces, my favourite has to be Ralph I mean look at him? Then Ned too because he has a southpaws mug and as I'm a left handed lady so it just seems totally appropriate I have this on my desk. We probably won't be satisfied until we have everything including the house and car.

When I wrote my post on learning to relax I really stuck to my routine and have been reading a whole lot more and I've found it is not only helping me unwind but creatively too. I read and cried my way through The Fault in Our Stars as I knew I would go and see the film which I also cried at, there is something really odd about being at the cinema where the entire theatre is sobbing but at least I wasn't the lady who hysterical in the corner. I'm currently reading Prozac Nation by Elizabeth Wurtzel, mental illness is something I find incredibly interesting and I've wanted to learn more about it. Over the past year especially it is something I've become quite familiar with as my two of my best friends deal with it on a daily basis. So far I'm really enjoying it and I've never read something so well written about depression and how it is a disease not a mood.

I'm the kind of girl that starts a series and then just marathons it, there is nothing better than getting completely sucked into a tv show. I was running out of options of what to watch as I seem to have watched so much but my boyfriend is a huge fan of Entourage and has been badgering me to watch it for the past year so I finally gave it a go. I can't say it was what I was expecting from the show but as Jeremy Piven is a lead role ( he also plays Harry Selfridge and I have a huge crush on him) I continued to watch. I'm 3 seasons in and so far there has been a whole lot of bromance and not much else going on but apparently there is a lot of roller coasters to come so I will continue to watch, I have to say the main character Vince is pretty cute so it isn't unbearable.

For years I've hunted for the perfect pair of denim shorts but these days they cut them so short that I own underwear that is more covering. My short prayers we're answered when I found this vintage Levis pair in Ark, I picked them up in a couple of sizes larger than my usual size so they were comfortable and definitely covered everything. The £20 price point sat a lot better with my purse than the staggering £35 that Urban Outfitters charge too.

A few weeks ago a gallery based in Rome called Arte Limted got in contact with me and offered to send me some prints. I was so pleased to be given such a fun opportunity as you guys know I really love home decor and these prints are the perfect addition to my bedroom. I picked the Dream of the Deer by Cat Zara*, Untitled IV by António Soares* and Untitled XII by Judith van den Hoek*. The quality of these prints are absolutely fantastic as is the paper that they are on, the inner gsm geek inside of me is very happy.  

What are your current lifestyle favourites?
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