The Best from Origins

Origins and I go way back to 2011 and we've been in a fully fledged love affair ever since. Along with Liz Earle, Origins was the first skincare brand that really got my skin and when I used their products I actually noticed a difference with them. Although they aren't a natural brand like the name suggests this doesn't really bother me, yes it is sneaky marketing but for me the products really do just work.  Over the past few years I've tried so much from the brand, some good and some bad so it's time to tell you what made the cut. 


I've tried a few cleansers from the brand but not many, for me I don't think they are the strongest products from Origins. My favourite has been the Dr Weil from Origins Mega Bright Skin Illuminating Cleanser, this did actually brighten the skin and even though it was 'foaming' it never stripped my skin. Another good one was the Origins Make a Difference Cleansing Milk and this was incredibly gentle on the skin, I find cleansing milks to be refreshing and gentle which make them perfect for the warmer months. Something I didn't like at all was the Origins Checks and Balances Face Wash, I found it way too much on even my oily skin and it left my face feeling tight and stripped which is never desirable. 

The only toner I've used is the Origins Make a Difference Lotion and it is by far my favourite second step toner. It hydrates the skin so beautifully and really helps to repair any damage from scars and blemishes, I've gone through 4 bottles of this which is true testament to how much I adore it. 

It pains me that they seem to have stopped selling my all time favourite moisturiser which is the Brighter by Nature range,  I'm currently using up the remainders of my last tub and it just such a beautiful product. Something I swore by last year was Origins Hight Potency Night-a-Mins, my skin always looked so much brighter in the morning when I had slathered lashings of this on. Although it is a thick buttery consistency it was never too much on my skin and to be honest the more I applied the happier my skin was. I received the Origins Make a Difference + Rejuvenating Moisturiser at Christmas time and I'm still a little hm about it, I like it, it is good and it does help to rejuvenate the skin but I just think I prefer the Bright by Nature range. Something I used way back when my skin was really oily and spot prone was the Origins Balanced Diet, it was really lightweight and perfect for the condition of my skin at the time. They released the Origins GinZing moisturiser last year and I thought I would love it considering the eye cream is one of my favourite products but I felt really disappointed by this. It wasn't at all hydrating and it just felt quite cheap to be honest and not up to par with the rest of the brand. 

Eye Cream & Exfoliators
One of the very first products I picked up from Origins was the GinZing eye cream and I've gone through two pots since, it contains light reflecting particles so it not only hydrates the under eye area but it helps with dark circles too. I didn't get on at all with the Origins No Puffery eye mask at all upon my first few uses but turns out I was using it completely wrong, if I've had a rubbish day and it has involved a few tears I always apply this quite liberally to help calm things down. Origins Modern Friction used to be quite popular few years a go and it is something I've not used in a long time. It is a thick paste that can be applied to dry skin to really help buff away any dead skin or on damp skin for a more gentle exfoliation. Word of warning though is to never get in this in your eye, it burns like nothing else but this is a lovely product either way. Another Brighter by Nature product I loved which they appear to have got rid off as well is the exfoliating pads, we all know my love for chemical exfoliants and these pads provided a big dose of that for my skin. 

Masks & Treatments
Origins are quite famous for their range of masks and I've tried all of them I believe apart from their latest release. The first one I purchased was the infamous Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask, at first I thought it was great but then over time I've realised that out of all the clay masks out there that this one just isn't for me. It is too much on my skin and I'm always left with so many spots afterwards, yes I want to the rubbish out of my pores but not so much that it leaves me 10+ spots. Something I always used in combination with the Clear Improvement was the Out of Trouble mask, this is perfect if you are really suffering with breakouts as it helps to heal them without completely drying out the skin. I've been getting a lot of use out of the Dr Weil for Origins Mega Mushroom Skin Relief Mask lately and it has really been helping with combating any redness in my skin. In the winter months my skin loves the Origins Drink up Intensive over night mask, again at first I wasn't quite sure about this but the more I used this the more I noticed a big difference to how my skin looked afterwards. 

The Origins Super Spot Remover is probably nearing the end of its life with me now as I've had it a long time but I do still reach for it occasion that I have a white head pop up. It is quite drying so I only apply a very small amount and let it works it magic over night, I don't use it on anything that is cystic as it will only dry the area out. I really need to repurchase the Dr Weil for Origins Mega Bright Skin Tone Correcting Serum, my all time favourite product for helping with spot scarring this really helped me through a bad patch with my skin. 

Are you a fan of Origins?
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