Getting back into exercise

Health is something I want to talk about more on my blog, it is something over the past couple of years I've really struggled with and now I'm really trying to do something about it. I've been a member of the gym many times before during the summers of university etc but it's not something I've properly stuck too. My best friend gave me the push to join again, it isn't so much a weight thing for me it is that my general fitness is poor. Exercise isn't something I've ever massively enjoyed but now I'm getting older I'm beginning to see the importance of it and how it can be fun. 

Last year was such a struggle for me and I spent so much time in and out of hospital and then being put onto a course of steroids I saw myself gain a stone in 6 weeks and it really shook my confidence. Before that my weight had plummeted and I was barely eating because I was so poorly so from that to putting on a stone was a big shock to the system. For all my life I've had a naturally petite frame and I've become used to it and that is when I feel most comfortable, with gaining a stone so quickly it really knocked my confidence. Whilst I don't want to discuss figures in this post as it is a personal matter I 've wanted to shift that extra weight and get back to what I feel happy with and most importantly healthy at. It isn't so much the figure that matters it is how I feel in my own skin and that is different to everybody. Something I do want to mention is I do suffer slightly with body dysmorphia, nothing too extreme but it does affect the way I see myself. 

So I joined my local council gym as it gave me the freedom to do classes and go swimming and it is only a mile from my house so I can just walk. I was a little nervous to go but an hour in I got back into the swing of things and now I go 6 times a week and then go to Pilates too and I feel a hundred times better for it. Earlier this year I decided to take myself off all my medication (I have a chronic illness) as I just thought it was completely useless and giving me so many bad side affects that it wasn't worth it anymore, over the past week I've gone back onto some tablets just to help with some matters but not all of them. Due to my health I do take things steady and I'm not doing an insane amount each day just an hour or so of cardio and then some weights so that helps me tone up a little but I do what I feel comfortable with. 

Of course one of the best things about joining the gym is being able to buy clothes and not feel an ounce of guilt about it. I had already invested in a pair of Nike Roshe Runs as I wanted to wear them day to day but they are also perfect for the gym too as their so light. Granted my boyfriend did tell me these were the comfiest shoes EVER, well the hole they made in one of heels doesn't agree with that completely but now I've worn them in they are really comfortable. As I live quite close to the Sports Direct depot I headed over and picked myself up the necessities like leggings and a sports bra. I went for Nike leggings and they look really flattering on and unbelievably comfortable too, finding a sports bra was tricky but I went for this in the end as it is really supportive whilst still giving me some sort of shape. I then scoured my local TK Maxx as some lovely girls on Twitter told me they sold good shorts and I was happy to find some New Balance ones with layers so I'm not gonna flash my bum to anybody and a New Balance sports bra so I can alternate. What I wear on my top changes most days and I like to wear something quite loose as that is what I find the most comfortable and also I end up wiping my face with it half the time when I start to sweat.

I've really surprised myself with just how much I enjoy going to the gym, those two hours I just have to myself has done me the world of good. Naturally I worry quite a lot, I always have and most of the time it is over the most ridiculous things but I've found exercising is really helping to clear my mind as well as releasing those good endorphins. A good iPhone app I've found is the Full Fitness one, it is really great for monitoring your progress and keeping an eye on what you're burning off too. I'm three weeks in and I can already see a slight difference with the general tone of my body and that is a good start for me and I'm happy with my general progress.

Do you like going to the gym?

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