Mid Year Switch


A couple of times a year I move things around my bedroom, whether they are big or small I like to switch things up. As my room is also my office it means I spend an awful lot of time in these four walls so for my own sanity things regularly get moved around. 

I've ditched my IKEA bedside table and switched it up for my tray table which I picked up a year ago at a local garden centre. It had been going unloved in the spare room so I moved all my furniture slightly to the right to make way for it. I think it looks a little more interesting that your standard bedside table and it leaves me a little more space to store things on too. Having an all white bedroom means I can play around with colour and I tend to do this in my bedding and pillow choices. I love having an all white duvet but then adding coloured pillows, there is something really fun about the contrast of it and to mix and match. 

The map poster above my desk is one of my favourite things in my room but I'm itching to change it to another city, although I will always remain loyal to Paris I think I might pick up the Rome one or maybe even London. I've changed the pictures stacked on top of my magazines too, my best friend and I don't have any pictures of us so we thought we would rectify it by giving the photo booth in our local Urban Outfitters a go. The pictures were a flop but it was the funniest experience and it is nice to have that reminder sat next to me on daily basis as well as the bunny birthday card she for me. 

My dressing table works in two ways; one to store all my make up and skincare and one to show all the items that have beautiful packaging. This small tray from IKEA used to store all my daily skincare but the clash of colours drove me crazy so now I'm using it to display all my perfume and a couple of other items. Whenever I am moving and switching things around I take the change to give my room a thorough clean too. Since having white furniture I've noticed one thing and that is the amount of dust that seems to gather is unreal.

Have you switched around things in your home lately?

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