Are they worth it?

There are a few products out there that are talked about a lot in the blogging world but are they worth it? Being a pretty skeptical person once something gets a lot of hype and press I instantly become wary of it, especially when it comes to new releases. So today I ask the question of are these products worth it or not? 

I'm a real sucker foundation and was strictly a high street girl until I was 21 and divulged into my first high end base purchase which was the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation. Three years later I've kept returning to the counters in the beauty halls and two that really stand out to me are the YSL Forever Youth Liberator and the Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation. They both receive a lot of hype and I find what everybody has said is true, these are both beautiful bases. Incredibly expensive yes so they are a treat but one that I would definitely save for. 

Primer is one of those things that you either use or you don't, I personally do especially in the warmer months to keep my base in check. The Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch Primer* has been deemed by many magic in a little red pot. It leaves my skin looking smooth and fresh whilst prolonging the longevity of it too, it also never makes my skin feel greasy or tacky which can be the case with some primers. We've all heard about the wonder of NARS blushes and their naughty names and it took me a long time to pick one up. I went with Douceur which a beautiful brown toned pink that sculpts the cheeks as well as adding colour, the pigmentation and formulation is lovely to work with. The staying power is what really makes them worth the money, even if all of my other make up is looking worse for wear this blush is still going strong. 

Being a nail polish obsessive/hoarder I've tried more than my fair share of formulations. The Barry M Gelly Shine Nail Paints have received such rave reviews and they do have some awfully pretty colours so I picked a few up. Yes the formulation is opaque in just one coat and it is very shiny but the lasting power for me just isn't there, maybe it is my nails but I find they chip within a day or so which can become pretty frustrating. The Korres Lip Butters seem like they are a little bit of a love or hate product, I'm definitely on the love side however if you are after a tinted balm then I think the Burt's Bees ones are better and more hygienic too. 

Bumble & Bumble are a brand that I for the most part really love and I was really excited when I heard about their new additions to their Invisible Oil range*. I've seen so many blog posts on this release and most of them are rave reviews but personally I found the line to fall a little flat. I just wasn't wowed and for the price of them that is something I want to feel, although it has a delicious scent I'm not convinced this is B&B's best range at all. 

What products do you think are worth it?
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