Staple Scents

Perfume isn't something that graces the pages of From Roses all too often. The reason being that I'm pretty dire at describing scents other than floral and nice and nobody wants to read that 5 times over. There is something about receiving or buying a new fragrance that is truly quite special and here are the scents that have become my absolute staples. 

Jo Malone were the first brand that I ever really fell in love with, even though I've been wearing perfume since my teens nothing ever really stuck until the day I received my first fragrance from Jo Malone. White Jasmine & Mint is a beautiful fresh fragrance which is unlike anything else I've ever smelt, it is what I wore when I graduated so it holds a lot of memories for me. My all time favourite from JM is Blackberry & Bay, a deep yet refreshing scent which is what I've decided to wear on my wedding day as I adore it that much and it is my boyfriends favourite too.  

Over the past year I've really fallen for a couple of scents from Stella, although I've heard many say that the original is their signature scent I wasn't bowled over at first sniff. As I've got older my tastes have definitely changed and now Stella by Stella McCartney is one of my all time favourite perfumes. First of all the packaging of this limited edition bottle makes me want to have a floor in this exact pattern, it is simply beautiful. Packaging aside the scent is quite a dark and almost 'sexy' so I reserve it more for the evening. The latest addition to make it into my staples is Stella McCartney L.I.L.Y*, again this is quite a deep fragrance too but it is a little fresher the original Stella. Something I really love about L.I.L.Y is that is almost masculine (an attractive man), I personally don't like my fragrances too sweet and this sits perfectly in-between.

Finally is Roses de Chloé*, with the original Chloé being one of my all time favourite scents it is no surprise that when they bought out this rose twist on the original it soon became one of my staples. The scent of Chloé is something that I can recognise instantly, it is quite a strong scent so many find it too heavy but I think it is a real classic. Even though it has a strong hint of musk to it I still think it really fresh and one I've reached for a lot of the past few months especially and it will transition into A/W nicely too.

What are your staple scents?
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