Things I want to learn & do

I've been out of education for two years now and I never realised I would miss learning as much as I do. Now I'm properly settling into my career I feel like I'm ready to start to push myself again and there have been a few things that have been on my list to learn & do for a while.

  • Learn how to cross stitch.
  • Save up and invest in a new camera so that I can hopefully learn how to film.
  • Along with filming I want to learn how to edit properly on Final Cut Pro. 
  • Be able to cook something more than cookies, Mexican food or Thai curry. 
  • How to care for plants properly or maybe I'm really just not blessed with a green thumb.
  • Push myself in the work I do and get out of my comfort zone more. 
  • Possibly start Yoga now I've sort of got the hang of Pilates. 
  • Look after my finances properly and efficiently. 
  • Play around with my graphics tablet a lot more. 
  • How to properly repurpose furniture. 
  • To use our family sewing machine properly. 
  • Get better with my work & life balance. 
  • Speak French confidently. 
  • Learn more about politics. 
  • Get more advanced with HTML and coding. 
Is there anything you want to learn?
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