When the weather is fine

Over the past couple of months we've had some really beautiful weather in the UK although as I'm writing this there is a raging storm outside my window, always the case isn't it? Recently I've kind of ditched the make up on 5 out of the 7 days but on the days I have wanted to put it on I've really needed it to last. Here are the products that have really stuck around on those hot summer days as nobody wants to walk outside and feel like their face has just melted away instantly. 

I try to use a light moisturiser in the day so my skin is still hydrated but not weighed down by anything heavy. A primer is key for me in the warmer months and the Clinique Super Primer Colour Corrector has become quite the staple. It works well at reducing redness in the skin whilst helping my make up last longer, I like that this has a slightly powdery finish so it mattifies the skin. The Bourjois Happy Light foundation has been sitting in my dressing table for months after Jen passed it along to me. As it has been sunny and I've caught a slight tan I can actually wear this without looking ridiculous, it pains me how dark Bourjois bases are. From everything I had read I was expecting this to be quite dewy on the skin but instead it is very natural and paired with the primer it makes for an ideal summer base. 

Powder is vital to eliminate any unwanted shine and I've been reaching for the Jurlique Rose Silk Finishing Powder. A very traditional loose powder but it leaves a beautiful finish to the skin almost like velvet. It doesn't settle into any fine lines or cling to any dry patches which is something I'm always cautious about with powder. A cream blush is not something you expect to be long lasting but this one from Clarins blends out to powder finish. The reason I'm mentioning this is because I wore this blush all day and then to the gym (I'm too lazy to take off my make up) and 10 hours later it was still on my skin. I've always found blush to last a long time on my skin anyway but this really amazed me. Working in thin layers of make up in summer is key for a long lasting base, although it is tempting to apply more light layers really do work so much better. 

What do you reach for in the warmer weather?
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