A New Surface

The last year has seen a huge influx of marble across the likes of Pinterest and I've fallen hook line and sinker in love with it. I just can't help myself there is something truly stunning about the luxe surface. Of course I can't afford real marble, it is incredibly pricy so I've done the next best thing and faked it. I'm a little bit in love with the changes that I've made to my workspace, I've spoke a lot about how I love playing around with different set ups and this is my favourite change by far. 

Earlier this year I got a little bit obsessed with buying tiles and picked up a marble slab from B&Q and since then I've been wanting an entire surface of the dreamy pattern. So when Fiona at ALO handed in her marble piece to me I knew exactly what I wanted to do. My desk is where I spend the majority of my day so it was the ideal place for a little DIY as it is a completely smooth surface. Off I went to my local Homebase and found the perfect roll of marble contact paper, £10 for a roll suited my budget perfectly. 

I was a little worried about how hard it might be to cover my desk but with the help of my dad it was done within five minutes. After we roughly measured out the area we got to work at getting it down, the key is patience and working one area at a time it is like applying a screen protector to your phone except ten times as big. After smoothing it into place there was some inevitable air bubbles but by gently poking them out with a pin they were quickly removed. My dad used a scalpel to remove the excess and leave a smooth edge, it really is a simple DIY that can really change the feel of an area. It has turned my £40 IKEA desk into the desk of my dreams and I'm trying to resist covering everything I own in marble.  

Are you a fan of marble surfaces?

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