Mastering the Beehive

My love for the beehive over the past few months has grown pretty strong, ever since I did this post really. There is just something so beautiful about sweeping all your hair back into the classic style and I think I've finally mastered how to do my own. So here is my little guide for perfecting the infamous beehive after months of practice. 

  • Second or third day hair seems to work the best (like always) but I have managed this on freshly washed locks too the key is a little bit of grit to hair. I spritz a little bit of dry shampoo through my roots and fringe, I'm currently using the Original Batiste which I actually find leaves more of a white residue than the other variations I've used. 
  • Parting my hair into two and taking the small bottom section and twisting it into a very small bun at the bottom of the neck and pin securely into place. 
  • I then flip my head over so I resemble cousin it and start to backcomb up the root of the hair but leaving the front of the hair smooth and flip my head back over and push the hair forwards to create that volume and pin it and wrap the remaining hair around the small bun I made previously. You have to be careful not to backcomb to much around the sides of the hair otherwise it creates a wide and flat hairstyle. 
  • After I've pinned everything into place I pull out little strands and curl them just to create a more undressed do, I tend to move my fringe into a more centre parting too as it works a little better.
Are you fan of the beehive?
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