Being a Homebody

It's pretty fitting that I'm writing this post on a Saturday night tucked up in bed with nothing but a night of Netflix ahead of me. To say I'm a homebody is a huge understatement, it seems the older I've got the more I crave being at home. If I had to put myself into a category I would say I'm pretty introverted, I love being by myself and throughly enjoy my own company. I've never been a social butterfly although I'm a lot better than I used to be, huge social gatherings or clubs have just never been my thing.

When I was in my late teens and early 20's I used to really worry that I was just really boring, everybody else seemed to love going out and I just didn't. Of course going through university I went on plenty of nights out and still remember the hangovers and whilst I did enjoy them at the time by the time I got into my third year I think I went out three times. Now I'm 24 and I've not been on a night out or drank since last March and I'm completely happy with that. It's ok not to like night outs, when I see my friends we prefer to just go for lunch or coffee and have a real conversation instead of screaming at each other in a club. 

Since 80% of the time I work from home I figured that I probably wouldn't enjoy being at home so much but I still do. If I've been out all day I really look forward to heading home, my bedroom is my sanctuary and I don't know how on earth I'm ever going to bring myself to leave it. Spending time by myself is something I've really come to cherish, throughout the next couple of years I'll be moving out and living with my boyfriend and we will really begin our live together so I'm just making the most of the now. Maybe I am a little old before my time but this by no means I'm a dull person and I think people who enjoy being at home get tarred with the same 'boring' brush. 

There is a picture I always see floating around the internet saying something along the lines of 'nobody ever remembered the nights you stayed in watching Netflix' well some of us will. Even when I'm with friends we love having nights in, my boyfriend & I have never been on a night out or gone for dinner past 8pm and we're happy this way. I never feel like I'm not living my life to the fullest, we all have different ideas of what that is and to me I'm truly happy with how I use my spare time. So here is my little ode to being a homebody and to many more nights of watching Netflix documentaries. 

Are you a homebody?

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