Sunday Pick Me Ups

Sunday is by far my favourite day of the week. Even though I always have a working weekend there is just something so lovely about them, everything is taken a little bit slower and it's the best day for those end of the week treats. I put aside my evenings to get myself for prepared for the week ahead and generally have a little bit of a pamper before monday arrives and here is what I do. 

I always try and wash my make up brushes on a Sunday, there is nothing better than starting of Monday morning with a clean foundation brush. I like to get this done in the morning and I whenever I wash my brushes I use the Carex Anti Bacterial Hand Wash. By using something anti bacterial I feel like I really get in there and get all the grime out that has built up over the week. Speaking of getting all the grime out, I always reach for a clarifying mask on a Sunday. My current favourite is the Aesop Parsley Seed Masque, such a beautiful formulation that leaves the skin throughly cleansed without feeling stripped or dry. 

Now the days are getting cooler my excitement for an evening bath is getting higher and higher. I'm currently testing out The Bathory Soothe Bath Soak*, a brand that is currently dominating the blogosphere and with good reason too. You can put together your own little concoction of essential oils together and I went for the Soothe formula with camomile grapefruit and lemon added in. To fully enjoy all the benefits of the oils you do need to use quite a lot but I use two capfuls just to make my bath a little more relaxing. Once I've done cooking myself like a lobster (anybody else do this?) I like to use my Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Body Creme and I'm left with silky smooth skin and smell like a battenburg which is all I want. 

End of the week normally means my manicure is looking a little worse for wear and definitely needs re doing. Depending on how my cuticles are looking I can sometimes skip the whole pushing and trimming step and go straight in with base coat, colour and top coat. I picked up a new bottle of Essie Maximillian Strasse Her a few days a go as I had completely used up my first bottle and I forgot just how much I loved this shade. Essie is my far my favourite formulation as it lasts such a long time on my nails and I'm sucker for the packaging too. Although I use lip balm everyday something I save till Sundays is the Dior Creme de Rose, I'm coming close to finishing this and I don't know if they even make it even more. It such a luxury balm to apply and the rose scent instantly makes me happy (yes it's really that great).  

What are your Sunday pick me ups?
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