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I've been finding some awesome new blogs to read lately as well as falling back in love with an old favourite too. Posts like this are some of my favourite to read, I love when people share blogs that aren't too well known either as I'm always on the lookout for someone new to add to my Bloglovin feed. So here are the blogs that I've been loving to read lately: 

Where do I even begin with how much I love Chelsea? She is somebody that I've been following for a long time now but she hasn't been blogging much this year but she is back now. There is just something so magical about The Dauphine, I've trawled all the way back through her archives on more than one occasion too. You can follow Chelsea on Instagram here too. 

The simplicity of Sofia's blog is absolutely wonderful. I love the way she writes about beauty and talks about topics can be quite difficult to tackle but does it so beautifully. 

HG is just one those sites that you can get lost in, I actually spend two hours this morning doing just that. My favourite articles have to be this one on bunnies, John Mayer and when the honeymoon stage is over.   

This beautiful blog is written by Jen, I went to university with her and she is one seriously talented lady. She is also one our resident photographers over at ALO, so if you're craving more of her food recipes head over to Sweet Little Dish. 

A beauty & lifestyle blog written by Canadian girl Holly, can we all just take a moment to appreciate how utterly beautiful this girl is? Alongside awesome beauty content Holly also writes really helpful posts on blogging, I finally learnt why my pictures always had a pink tinge to them and turns out it is how you save them in Photoshop so thanks Holly!

From photographer Siobhan, Bless The Weather is a stunning lifestyle blog. I absolutely loved her post on turning 30, the advice that she gave at the end was just incredible especially about looking after your mind it so important. 

I've been reading Grace's blog for a few months now and I'm sure I love it more and more every time she publishes a new post. Her photography is so lovely and clean as well as her snappy writing style there isn't anything I don't love about TGG. 

I've seen Charly pop up in so many vlogs that I've lost count but I never knew she had a blog. There is just something so different about her blog, I love her brutal honesty and it is one of my absolute favourites of the moment. Her 'a conscious what's in my make up bag' post is absolutely fantastic and I know the feeling of having a melt down about Effaclar Duo not being in stock.  

What blogs are you currently loving at the moment?
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