I'd be lost without you

The title of this post makes me want to burst out into this Delta Goodrem song. There are so many items that I use on a daily basis and they are never praised enough for the great service that they do. Maybe it is because they are such simple little things and I never really think about them and use them on autopilot but today I'm going to say thanks to the beauty tools that work the hardest out of everything I own. 

I dread to think how many cotton rounds I use on a daily basis, it is probably into double digits. As I'm a big fan of removing my make up with a micellar water they are vital and then double toning requires them too. I worked out last year that I couldn't use exfoliating cotton pads for some reason as they gave me crazy bad spots so I stick to the smooth variety. I'm banned from using cotton buds to clean my ears as I'm so prone to infections so these are strictly for removing from the mascara mistakes I make on a daily basis. You would think after 10 years of applying mascara I would have mastered it by now.  

The mixture of nail clippers and scissors keep my nails in check, I'm pretty fussy when it comes down my nail clippers and they have to be firm. I can't stand nail clippers that aren't strong enough to leave a clean edge and leave the nail all raggy and my favourite are these from a brand called Manicare. A good pair of scissors can be used for a multitude of tasks and I mostly use mine for taming rouge brow hairs. For years I used the cheapest tweezers that fell out of Christmas crackers so the day that I invested in a pair of Tweezerman tweezers was pretty life changing, three years on these are still incredibly sharp and never fail me. 

Oh bobby pins, I love you so much that I even wrote an ode to you here and I still feel the same way. But seriously what would we all do without the amazing invention that is the bobby pin? I've started to think I actually produce them as when I brush my hair at least 5 fall out and they are always lurking around in various coat pockets and bags too. The latest tool to join my ranks are these little toothpicks, I can't stand using normal dental floss so these have solved all my flossing needs. I love the ease of them and you can just throw them in your bag without worrying, I even have one stashed in the coin part of my purse. 

What items would you be lost without?
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