Introducing theFantasia

I've had the pleasure of having Stephanie from theFantasia at the top of my sidebar this month, a beauty, travel and lifestyle blog that is a real joy to read. So I caught up with the lady behind the blog and this is what she had to say: 

So Stephanie tell us about a little more about yourself?

Hey everyone! I’m a 22 year old analyst by day, and beauty/lifestyle blogger by night - hailing from Canada, where we love to say sorry a lot. I spend my free time traipsing around countries (Europe is my favourite continent right now), seeking adventures, finding beauty bargains, web-designing and learning languages. I spend too much time on Excel and Photoshop and planning my next adventurous getaway! 

How did you get into blogging?

I’ve been creating websites since I was 12 and taught myself web-development/web-design, so blogging was a natural next step. I’ve probably created 4-5 blogs over the course of high school (Remember LiveJournal, Geocities, or Xanga?) I used to blog on just about everything and eventually found myself in the beauty blogging niche almost by accident! Similar to many, I was inspired to start blogging after watching lots of YouTube videos/guru’s and wanted to share my perspective and join the conversation.

Can you tell us more about The Fantasia?

theFantasia is all about how everyone and anyone can manage being both budget and brand conscious. Though it started out as a beauty blog, I’m branching out to share my “budget” travel/backpacking ideas/trips, and honest feedback and features about a brand/product that I genuinely think is worthwhile because of its value relative to cost. Sometimes, splurging on an expensive brand will give you more in value than you think! I love sharing beauty bargains, (Sephora) sales/beauty events, and of course, engaging with my readers!

As you talk a lot about travel, where has been your favourite destination? Where would you like to go next?

My favourite destinations (I had to mention more than just one!) have been Dubai and Prague! Dubai is the epitome of paradise – if you want to take a break from reality for just a week, and come back so much more refreshed, Dubai is the place to go! You can do anything and everything (shop in the world’s largest mall? Check. Go dune-bashing? Check. Watch belly-dancing and have a pot luck dinner in the middle of the desert? Check, and check! Don’t forget the man-made islands, and the beaches too!) Prague is an absolutely charming city - there’s just so much charm packed in this city and I love how it balances the old and modern without losing its personality.

In the future, I’d love to visit Iceland, Hungary, Greece and Croatia! 

What keeps you inspired?

Other bloggers keep me motivated and inspired. Seeing new trends, or learning something new from my fellow bloggers have always been one of my favourite things about blogging.

What are your favourite things about blogging?

Blogging has allowed me to experience things and create relationships/friendships that I would not otherwise have. Attending a fashion show, or a press event, and learning all about the technology or the creation process behind what you use on a day-to-day basis are things I would not have been able to ever experience if you think about what I studied at school (Finance/Economics). Having absolutely no connection to anyone who works in the beauty industry, the only glimpse of this mammoth of an industry is what I see in the magazines/advertorials. Blogging has broken that barrier and make brands so much more accessible/transparent. As someone who has grown up being pushed to do things because it’s “the right thing” or “what you should do”, blogging has been a liberating experience: it allowed me to develop all sorts of skills beyond what I studied in school, things that might actually come in handy at an interview too!

Some of your current favourites?

· Beauty: I’m obsessed with my CHANEL Perfection Lumiere Foundation, for a full-coverage makeup that lasts all day, as well as the Make Up For Ever Smokey Extravagant mascara for long-lasting hold and curl!

· Fashion: I’m obsessed with blazers – I love that you can dress them up or down, and they look amazing while making you look so chic (and keeping you warm too!)

· General/Lifestyle: My list of travel itinerary keeps me motivated throughout the week!

You can follow Stephanie on Bloglovin, Twitter and Instagram here.
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