Lost in the Archives

I've been taking pictures for almost 8 years now so I've gathered quite a backlog on my hard drive of images that have never really had much of a use. They might not be the most incredible images in the world, just a visual representation of what I was up to at the time and where I was. It's been quite interesting to see just how much my style has changed and a big reminder that I need to take more photographs when I'm out and about.


All of these images are from various years and shot on different cameras and it has made me realise how important it is to change up my format more. As I strictly work on digital for work and for this blog and my online magazine ALO I need that instant turnaround but for personal work I want to get back to shooting film. As photography is my career path I think I've forgotten that is also my hobby too, I rarely take pictures that don't have a purpose to them and that is something I want to do again. Even if it just taking my SLR out when I go on a walk with my dad and Bella I want to start capturing moments a lot more. 

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