Beauty Storage

Finding aesthetically pleasing as well as practical storage for my beauty items is something I just love to do. My dressing table is one of my favourite areas of my room and as I spend a fair amount of time sat there so I like to make sure it is looking its best. It has taken me a good couple of years to work out a functional system and here is how I like to store my beauty products: 

My actual dressing table is from Argos , it wasn't too expensive although it is looking a little raggy now as white furniture is easily discoloured. It has a decent sized draw which is something that attracted me to it initially as that is where a lot of dressers seem to be lacking. I'm into two minds to lay down marble contact paper like I've done with my desk but I'm not quite sure how it will work as it has raised edges but I'm sure if I do I will do a post on it. The bulk of my beauty products are stored in the draw and I use a cutlery tray, I never thought something as simple as that would be so functional but it makes separating products super easy and they are a good width and length too! 

I store my everyday and prettiest products on top in the beauty blogger favourite, acrylic storage from Muji . For a long time I really dismissed it, I just didn't like it but now I absolutely love it and it is super practical too as everything is out so nothing gets shoved at the back never to be seen again. I have a wide single draw from Muji and then a tiered storage system from TK Maxx. I constantly rotate the products that I have out as I like to make sure I'm getting good use out of everything I have. 

My brushes are stored in empty Diptyque candle holder and when you spend that much on a candle you want something to keep hold of right? I love the way the classic black & white logo looks against my rose gold brushes, such a cliche but who cares when it is this pretty? Things like cotton rounds and buds are stored in little bowls which are from Urban Outfitters and the cup is by Orla Keily. Bobby pins are something I find particularly pesky to store so I use a plant pot that those infamous IKEA cactuses come in. It's the perfect depth and that way my bobby pins aren't left around for the mythical BP fairy to steal and take to her lair. 

My perfume tray is pretty much my pride & joy, seriously it makes me happy at just the sight of it. The tray itself is from IKEA , it isn't the largest thing in the world but I find it to work really well to store all my perfumes and a couple of lip balms on. I also keep it out of the main sunlight that hits my dressing table as the two together aren't a good combination. Hairbrushes are something else that are a tricky item to store, so instead of just shoving them in a draw I like to use a kitchen utensil pot which I believe was from Asda. As it is quite tall and wide it manages to keep all my brushes so that they can stand upright and look reasonably tidy. 

How do you store your beauty items?

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