My Most Trusted Brands

I'm no brand snob, if I like a product than I will use it and it doesn't matter if it is high end or it cost me 50p. There are a few brands out there though that are my go to when I'm in the market for new beauty products as I just trust them. Of course I can't love every product that they offer but for the most part I've never been hugely disappointed with what I've purchased from these brands so it is easy to see why they are my most trusted. 

A brand that reminds me of my child hood is the Body Shop, my older sister always used to use a lot of their products. I always find the products to be super high quality but never extortionately priced. Although I've tried any of their make up line I always go toward their body and skincare as they offer such a varied range that I can always find something I love. 

On the higher end of the price scale from the high street but they have such a good range of products. Although their base products could do with a better range of shades they are definitely some of the best available if you can find a colour suitable. I'm such a sucker for their cute little packaging too, the round pot blushes in particular remind me of being a teen.

I definitely overlooked Clarins for years and deemed it as a mature brand. However in the last couple of years and thanks to blogs I opened my eyes and I've discovered some awesome products. They just seem to a brand that just do everything well from their skincare to their make up it just works. 

In the past couple of years Rimmel have really upped their game and they have some absolutely fantastic products. The price that you pay for them too is awesome and they are available pretty much everywhere.

I have blogs to thank completely for introducing me to Liz Earle and it has become a complete staple for me. I love both their skincare and their make up line, price wise they are just in the middle of high end and high street which is perfect if you want to pay out a little more without breaking the bank.

I never used to believe in paying out for my haircare but Bumble and Bumble totally changed my mind. There is just something about the brand that I absolutely love and they have a huge wide of products available to suit all your hair care needs. 

Although L'Oreal is technically high street I find it pretty pricy. However I think it is such a solid brand and everything they offer is of a high quality so that price tag is completely justified. Probably one of the only brands that I could happily buy an entire face worths of make up from as they just do everything so well.

Sly marketing techniques aside I love absolutely love Origins, their products work incredibly well with my skin. Over the years I've tried so much from the line and I can only think of a couple of items that I've not absolutely loved. They are on the pricy end of the spectrum but in my eyes they are completely worth it. 

An old faithful for me is Revlon, again like L'Oreal they are quite pricy but I just find that they make a solid bunch of products and I've never been disappointed by them. They've released some awesome products in the last couple of years too.

This year has definitely been the year Jurlique for me, I've discovered so many amazing products and I absolutely love the brand that they have become one my go to brands for skincare. 

By far my most luxurious brand but oh such a beautiful one. I don't need to say too much as if you are regular readers you already know how much I absolutely adore this brand.

What are your most trusted brands?
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Rebecca Warriner