DIY Terrarium

If you follow me on Instagram then you probably know that I love cactuses and succulents. I've always wanted to make my own terrarium to house more than one but I was just never quite sure on the process of putting one together. If not done properly your plants can quickly die and nobody wants a sad looking succulent. So after a fair bit of research I think I've worked out how to built a terrarium for less than £20.

You will need:

  • A vase, mine is just from Tesco. You can use anything you like really but I wanted to use something with an open top. 
  • A mixture of small cactuses and succulents, Homebase are great as they are only 97p each. 
  • Gravel or pebbles, I used fish tank gravel from Pets at Home. 
  • A trowel. 
  • Cacti specific soil.
  • Activated charcoal - not a necessity if you are using something with an open top as your terrarium but if you do want something closed then it filters the air. 

How to build:

  1. Make sure your container is clean.
  2. Pour the pebbles or gravel into the container, I used quite a lot as I wanted to make sure that I had plenty of drainage. I used a rule of thirds kind of ratio to get everything right. 
  3. I then used a small amount of the activated charcoal, again this isn't a necessity but it was a extra pro-caution and it works as another level of drainage too. 
  4. Using a trowel start to put the soil in, make sure you make designated area's for your plants.
  5. When handing the cactuses or succulents be careful as any trauma to them can cause them to die. 
  6. Put them into their designated areas and slowly pat the soil down around them.
  7. I added a few extra pieces of gravel on top of the soil just for aesthetics. 
  8. Voila, your very own terrarium. Remember not to overwater your plants once every 14 days is fine.  

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