Mondays Aren't So Bad

Believe it or not Monday is actually one of my favourite days of the week. I don't get the Sunday blues because I love the start of a new week and if the past 7 days were rubbish it's nice to just put them behind you. So here are some of the things that I love to do once Monday hits: 

Was last week a bad one? There is nothing better than knowing that all that is behind you and you can just put it in the past. Even though I work from home I make sure I've got myself gathered together on Sunday evening so I'm not rushing around the next morning as there is nothing worse than starting your week off in a fluster. If I've been struggling with a project the week before than I like to look at with a fresh mind set and it's amazing just how much that can help.

I try and make the most out of my Mondays because I find if I had a bad day then it throws me off for the entire week. By doing something enjoyable it can really set you up for the next 7 days, anything from getting dinner with a friend or going to the cinema. 

Every Monday morning I like to sit and write myself a weekly to do list, I split up tasks over the seven days. It's also when I get all my admin work done, it's not an exciting task by any means but knowing what bills are going out that week it gives me peace of mind. If I've got any tasks hanging around from the past week I will put them at the top of my to do list so they are done. 

I can already hear people groaning but hear me out. Something relaxing like pilates or yoga is something I really look forward to on a Monday as they are such a nice way to clear your mind. 

Be Positive
If you start the day dreading it before it's even started chances are you've already set yourself up for a rubbish day. Have an open mind about the week ahead and even if you have got some tedious tasks approaching try not to focus on them too much. 

What do you like to do on a Monday?
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