Nail Re-Hab

My name's Rebecca and I'm addicted to painting my nails. It's true, I've not gone a single day in the past two years without having some sort of colour on my nails and now I'm paying the price for it. They are an utter mess and are in need of some serious TLC, they are flaky, thin and snap so easily. So I'm banishing myself to nail re-hab and going without any colour on my nails as much as I can till they start to look in better shape. 

I always like to give my nails a gentle exfoliation with a small brush and whatever exfoliator I'm using at the time, I find this way it gently buffs away any dead skin around the nail and you're left with a clean base. Cutting my nails down to a short square style is something that I've been doing for years now, it is the style that I prefer the most and the most practical too. I always use my Manicare clippers and then a glass nail file and swipe in one direction to get a clean edge. 

Oils, creams and balms are going to be my best friends at the moment. The Essie Nail Oil is an old favourite that I've neglected recently and even in just a couple of days I've noticed a big difference. At night and throughout the day I've been applying the Body Shop Almond & Nail hand cream liberally, I love the scent of this and it helps with any dryness without leaving the hands feeling greasy. If I've got the time I will use the Cath Kidston Multi Purpose Balm around my cuticle bed as they can get particularly ratty. 

Two base coats that I rotate are the Butter London Nail Foundation and the Collection 2-in-1 base coat. The Nail Foundation is my favourite out of the two but they both really help with any discolouration in my nails. I'm hoping by slicking on a couple of coats of each in rotation will bring my nails back to some sort of suitable state. Maybe then I won't be horrified each time I take of my nail varnish and finally get over my fear of bare nails so that they can be as strong as possible.

What do you do to help your nails stay healthy?
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