Getting the most out of what I have

Nowadays I'm trying to maintain a much more minimal lifestyle and now I'm getting older I'm realising the importance of making the most out of what I have and putting a stop to any un necessary spending. As much as I love beauty, trying out new products and buying a new blusher makes my heart flutter I have to put what I need above what I want. 

Upon having a good old clear out of my beauty stocks I chucked quite a lot of things away. I'm a complete hoarder of sentimental items, even if I've not worn it in years I will still find a reason in my head to cling onto it. Now I've got my collection into a much more reasonable (yeah right) size I'm going to start a strict one in one out policy. Unless I really need to buy something I'm on a beauty product buying ban for the foreseeable future.

Here are the things that I'm allowing myself to buy if I run out of them: 
  1. Concealer 
  2. Effaclar Duo
  3. Toner - hydrating & exfoliating.
  4. Nail polish remover
  5. Mascara
  6. Micellar water
  7. Hairspray 
And here are the things that I'm not allowed to buy:
  1. Foundation
  2. Lipstick
  3. Lip balm
  4. Hand cream
  5. Moisturiser - body & face
  6. Shampoo & Conditioner  
  7. Styling products
  8. Shower gel
  9. Oils 
  10. Blusher 
  11. Primer 
  12. Eyeshadow 
  13. Face masks 
  14. Nail polish
  15. Cleansers 
I want to stick to this as much as I can. So many amazing products are just sitting unloved in my draws and they all need a lot more love than I give them and finishing products is so satisfying isn't it? 

Do you make the most out of what you have?
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