3 Steps For a Better Nights Sleep

Over the past month of so I've really not been sleeping well at all, no matter how hard I try I just can't seem to get a decent 8 hours in. There as nothing more frustrating than being exhausted (I suffer from Chronic Fatigue) but not being able to settle down or dropping off and then waking up 20 minutes later so I've been really thinking about what I can do to try to get a better nights sleep. 

1. Prepare: Taking a bath at night is something I love to do, especially now we are in winter there is nothing better then having a long soak with some of my favourite oils thrown into the mix. I find baths are far more relaxing than showers so I take my time and then I start to get ready for bed. After I remove all my make up I start my skincare routine and really do take my time with this, I find it really relaxing to sit at my vanity and apply my favourite products as there is nothing worse as getting in bed with your make up still on (come on we've all done it). Something I've added into my routine is the Dr Jart Water Sleeping Mask*, my skin is really suffering now the weather has turned much cooler so I've been needing all the extra moisture I can get. This mask is absolutely lovely as it doesn't leave your skin feeling tacky so you don't feel like you're going to get product all over your pillows. When I wake up my skin feels and looks so much happier, I imagine I will be reaching for this quite a lot over the next few months. 

2. Set the Scene: From a young age my mum always taught me the importance of bedding and just how of a difference it can make. If you follow me on Instagram there is one thing that you've probably noticed and that is that I really love white bedding, I find it so calming to get into crisp white sheets. Recently I've been using this beautiful waffle set from Argos Heart of House* range, waffle bedding is my absolute favourite for adding texture in my room without being too obvious. As well as a new duvet set, I've also got a new duvet from Heart of House* which can be found here. I switch up my tog rating between the seasons so I can sleep comfortably and there is nothing better in the winter months than to get cosy under a thick duvet. Dressing your bed in a way that you like is key to getting a good nights sleep for me, adding throws and pillows is something else I love to do as it just makes it a place that I really cannot wait to get into.

3. Relax: I'm really awful for taking my work to bed with me, I have a desk which is where my work should stay but for some reason I still end up replying to e-mails when I'm trying to settle down for the night. So now I've banned myself from making my bed a place of work and strictly made it a place for sleep and relaxing which is what it should be. I wrote a post on how I've been trying to switch off and I've really been making an effort to stick to it.  I've also started to move my phone away from my bed, I'm so bad at flicking through social media when I'm trying to sleep and I've found that really helps. Ultimately I would love to make my bed a technology free place but I enjoy binge watching Netflix far too much to do that completely. I've still got a long way to go with properly learning to relax but I'm glad Ive made a start.

What are your tips for a getting a better nights sleep?
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