Spending Less Time Online

It's ever so ironic that I'm writing a post about staying away from the internet considering how much online work I do every single day but hear me out. Over the summer months I made a little pact with myself to spend less time online, I felt like my online life had just completely taken over and it wasn't in a positive way. This isn't to say that I don't love the online world because I do, I really do but too much of a good thing is never actually good in reality so here is how I've stepped back from the internet and it has done me the world of good. 

A Digital Cleanse

If you've never done a digital cleanse I highly recommend it, Jen wrote all about the process over on ALO.  I went across all over my social media sites and really purged who I follow, although it sounds like a pretty mean thing to do I don't want anything to do with people who aren't very nice. The last thing I want to see is people being overly aggressive and catty on Twitter, it's not something that is necessary in my life. Facebook is a social platform I really don't like I find there is a lot of drama on that site and nothing productive comes out of it, so I shut my account down two years ago and I've not looked back since. It also means you really do learn who your true friends are as they are the ones that keep in contact instead of just checking up on what you're doing to be nosy.

Leaving My Phone Alone

This is something I spoke about over on ALO but I've never mentioned it over here. I'm so guilty for spending far too much time with my phone attached to my hand and it's not a good thing to be that at one with technology. I was constantly checking every social media site I use and emails so during the day I started to leave it across from the room from me. I could still hear it if it rang but I didn't have the constant urge to check what was happening on Instagram. When I go to bed I move my phone across the room so I'm not tempted to check it if I can't sleep as having that bright screen only a few cm's away from me was not doing my sleep pattern any good. 

Cutting Out Negativity 

Something that is far easier said that done but when you do manage to do it's so refreshing. During my digital cleanse I unfollowed people who just weren't very nice to follow on social media, this includes blogs too. I don't want to read blog posts or read tweets that are so aggressive against other people, there has been a huge rise of it recently. If you don't like something or someone then simply don't look, there isn't any need to spread negativity about them when they don't deserve it. We are all entitled to our opinions but a lot of people are taking it too far and I don't want to expose myself to that. I've learnt that somethings online just aren't things that I want to see or be involved with so I just stopped looking and my happiness levels are so much higher. I want my online world to be a happy little place and although they are some negativity you can't help but see but I'm not gonna purposely view anything that might cause upset anymore. 

 What are your thoughts on this?
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