Doing Things For You

There has been big periods in my life where I felt like the only reason I was doing things was for the benefit of other people. Whilst I love doing things for others I also believe that there are times when you have to be completely selfish and do things for you. Being in my mid twenties I've realised just how important it is to work on yourself and to doing things only for yourself, sometimes these things cross over and they can benefit my most loved ones which is great but they aren't the reason for doing it. If we don't do these things for ourselves then nobody else will and here are some of the things that I do only for myself.

Career: Before I made the move into self employment I thought I had to go for a certain type of job because my friends and uni lecturers expected me to. I thought I had to live in London otherwise I wouldn't be a success but I wasn't overly keen on moving there so I would have never been making the move for myself. Some people are incredibly judgemental about those who choose to live at home in their 20's, for me I live at home because it makes sense, I'm building a career from scratch whilst also trying to get full time illness under control and neither are easy. When I was thinking about going freelance it was a huge decision and not an easy one to make but I just thought if not now then when? Realistically this is the only time in my life where I can put my career above anything else.

Personal Goals: Having a list of things you want to achieve is something that I think is really important. It doesn't matter what the goals are, they can big or small but I absolutely love having something to work towards. My goal this year was to get into shape and take control of my health after spending the previous year so poorly and not getting a say in anything that was going on. I've reached all the goals I had and it's a fantastic feeling and I can't wait to start working on some more things. It's also important to remember not to make the goals completely unobtainable as that will just end up doing more harm than good.

Me Time: I'm a big believer in having time to yourself, whilst I'm alone quite a lot it's rare that I take time off just for myself. Now we're in the winter months I love to pamper myself in the evenings after my work day is over, it's so relaxing to spend an hour in bath just soaking away or giving myself a fresh manicure. Sometimes I like to take myself out for the day, for shopping or just to walk Bella. It's a really great way to clear my mind and it's lovely to just spend time with yourself. Something I've back into recently is reading, I think along with pampering yourself reading is a brilliant me time activity. 

Relationships:  Whether it is friendships or relationships of the romantic kind I can sure we can all say we've been around people who want to change us. Something I firmly believe in now is that the only person you should change for is you and not anybody else. If somebody doesn't like me then thats fine but I like me and that is the most important relationship you will ever have in your life. I've been in a couple of relationships in the past where the guy wanted me to be different and now I can't believe I ever stuck around. You should never be with somebody you want to change to suit you, you should like the person for who they are and nobody is a project to be worked on.

Hobbies: I wish I had more hobbies in my life but I'm trying to include more and one of my biggest ones is going to the gym. Having an hour or so most days just do something that I love and that also benefits my health too has been a great addition to my life. Within the next few months I really want to start to learn how to cross stitch as I absolutely adore sewing and I think they make lovely little additions to the home.

What things do you do just for yourself?

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