Going Sans Make Up

For a long time I was too unhappy with my skin to go out without make up. Having horrible breakouts that make you want to cry just at the sight of them isn't nice so I used make up to cover it all up and it made me feel so much happier about my complexion. I did this for years, for some reason I just didn't feel like myself without a full face of make up. It's taken me till the age of 24 to be comfortable with my skin and be truly happy leaving the house without make up. 

I love beauty and make up, I mean why else would I write about it if I didn't truly love it? But over the past two years my relationship with it has done a complete 180. I no longer feel like I need make up, because in reality none of us do. I used to put so much pressure on myself to be completely put together whenever I went out and if I wasn't then people would think badly of me. As I was so unhappy with my skin make up was my safety net, I didn't want to show my bad skin to the world because I was incredibly self conscious about it. One of the most glorious things about make up is how much confidence it can bring to peoples lives but I never want it to be my only reason to feel confident. Now I wear make up because I want to, not because I feel I have to and I love that. A lot of it came down to when I stopped caring about what other people thought about me, as long as I'm happy that is all that matters and so what if somebody doesn't think my skin is great? Chances are they're never going to say that to my face so why should I care about what they think? 

Going without make up more has been making my skin a lot happier, up until recently I had gone 3/4 months without a single breakout. I've found when I'm not wearing anything on it means I'm a lot less prone to touching my face which is something that I'm terrible for when wearing a full face of foundation. Whilst I know that wearing make up was never the cause of my breakouts I don't think it helped matters. The joy of being able to rub my eye during the day without the fear of being left with a black finger never seems to get old. Granted if I have got a spot or my skin just looks a little rubbish than I do still get a little self conscious of going bare faced but I've just learnt to embrace it. I've stopped apologising if I see somebody and I'm not wearing make up because why should I say sorry for how I look without it on? Now I cherish the times that I sit in front of my vanity to apply my favourite products, it's good to feel like it's my choice instead of a requirement.

What are your thoughts on going sans make up?

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