If I Could Only Have 8 Beauty Tools

For years I used my hands to apply the majority of my make up and I can't imagine ever going back to that method. Discovering brushes as well as eye lash curlers completely changed the way that I not only apply my make up but the way it looks, everything just so looks so much more polished when brushes are used. I've shared a more in depth look at the brushes I use here but if I could only pick 8 then this is what they would be: 

Base: Foundation: Zoeva Silk Finish Brush: I never thought anything could trump my love for the Real Techniques base brushes but then came along the Zoeva Silk Finish brush. This has the perfect ratio between density and flexibility which makes blending in liquid foundation an absolute dream. It washes beautifully and doesn't shed or lose its shape even when deep cleaned on a weekly basis. 

Base: Powder: Real Techniques Buffing Brush: This might have been demoted from my main base brush but it's still great for applying powder, especially mineral powder foundation. The Buffing Brush can be used for so many other things other than base, it's also amazing for cream or powder blush. 

Base: Concealer: Zoeva Face Shape Brush: In general I do like to use two different brushes for my under eye concealer and then general face concealer but if I had to only pick one it would be this brush. It's a smaller version of the Silk Finish brush which makes it perfect for getting in hard to reach areas like area the eyes and nose. 

Cheeks: Blush: Real Techniques Stippling Brush: Not your typical option for a blusher brush but I've found it the easiest way to apply product to the cheeks with complete control. This works wonderfully with either cream or powder blushes and it never disturbs the product underneath. 

Eyes: Shadow: Zoeva Soft Definer Brush: I'm not an eyeshadow expert by any means, it's not a skill I possess but a brush that makes it a lot easier for us novices is the Zoeva Soft Definer Brush. Heralded as a dupe for the MAC 217 it is great for applying product all over the lid and defining the crease too.

Eyes: Brow Grooming: ELF Spoolie: Probably the most underrated tool out of everything I use. I would be lost without a spoolie because my brows have a habit of drooping down at any chance they get and this whips them into shape.

Eyes: Lashes: Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler: There is a lot of hype surrounding these eyelash curlers and it's easy to see why, without seconds they instantly curl your lashes and open up your eyes. Pricy to invest in but mine are a year old and still going strong. 

Eyes: Brows: Real Techniques Angled Brush: I've struggled to find an angled brush that worked for my brows in the past but this one from Real Techniques is my favourite. It's dense enough to give you a firm grip to apply product with precision but not enough to go overboard. 

What tools would you pick?
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