Picking Yourself Up After a Really Bad Day

Whether you've had a really foul day at work or been given some terrible news that you weren't expecting we all have those really bad days. It's tempting just to get into bed and never plan to leave again but it's important to pick yourself up again, no matter what the set back life really does go on. I myself had a really bad day a couple of weeks ago and whilst a large part of me just wanted to cry and give up I knew I had to get back up and here is what I did:

Let it out: I've mentioned before that I'm not good at sharing my upset with other people it's just not something that is in my nature. However I know it's not good to bottle everything up to myself and not let my loved ones in even though it's incredibly tough to admit you're struggling with something. I also find having a good cry always helps, I hate crying but there is no denying that it makes you feel better. 

Pamper: Having a hot drink and a hot bath is something that always makes me feeling 100 times better. This in generally the time I slather on a face mask too as my skin is always the biggest tell tale sign if I'm not feeling my best. 

Be Rational: If you've got an issue at work or it's a more of a personal thing then it's important to have a level head. If something has really bothered me I tend to get quite angry and can be a little hot headed and I know that approaching something this way is never going to end well. For example if you've had a disagreement with somebody then coming back to it in a few hours when you've had a chance to calm down is more likely to end in a resolution as you can take each others points into consideration.

Have a Plan: Since I've been self employed I've realised the importance of having a plan. If things haven't quite gone how we've hoped it can be pretty upsetting and put you back but it's important to have something else you can turn to. 

Motivate: If I've done my usual trick of having a bath and pampered myself this is when I usually begin to self motivate. I'm currently reading It's Not Good You Are, It's How Good You Want To Be from Paul Arden which is a great little book to have around if you're feeling a little rubbish. 

Tough Times Don't Last: Whilst it might feel like it at the time, they really don't last forever. A lot of issues can't be sorted instantly and it's incredibly hard when you get bad news on top of bad news but it's important to try and remember all the positives that you do have in your life. There are only 24 hours in a day and once that is over you can try and go into the next day with a little bit of a better state of mind. 

What do you do when you've had a really bad day?
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