When I Really Want To Treat Myself

About once or so a week I really treat myself and I don't mean I just shove on a face mask and thats it. I mean I really pull out all the stops and pamper myself, this is usually around the Wednesday or Thursday mark when I'm ready for the week to be over. Here are my best products for such occasions: 
I've been playing scientist with my bath lately and concocting different formulas to get a truly dreamy soak. The mixture of the Laura Mercier Almond and Coconut Honey Bath along with the Aromatherapy Associates De-stress bath oil* has been making my evening baths something truly special. The honey bath adds not only a delicious scent but just enough bubbles as there such a thing as too many bubbles believe me, it's really soothing to the skin too. The oil just adds a real luxury to the water, it leaves my skin silky smooth and I definitely feel more relaxed when I've used a capful of this. 

Three Step Facial
Although a three step facial does take a little bit of time it's well worth it. I'm still using my faithful trio that I spoke about in the summer time, I love covering all basis in one evening. If I feel like treating my skin even more I've been applying the Clarins Lotus Facial Oil, after I've massaged a couple of drops of this all over my face I'm left with the softest complexion I've ever known. 

In the winter I'm definitely a candle advocate, I scatter IKEA tea lights around my bedroom like there is no tomorrow. When I fancy something a little more luxe I always light my Diptyque Baies Candle, I've had this since May and I'm still not down to the end which is great cost per use which is what you want with such a pricy candle. There is no denying the quality of Diptyque candles, my room is quickly filled with the beautiful Baies scent. 

What do you use when you really want to treat yourself?
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