For When You Want To Grow Your Hair

Last year I chopped off a lot of my hair to just above my collar bone and it has grown back at an incredible rate. Obviously I'm well aware that there is no formula to growing your hair and I'm not expert in any way, it takes a lot of time and patience but I have found an awesome formulation of products to help healthy growth. My hair always used to always get to an awkward length where it just didn't seem to grow anymore, it's like it got stuck there but now I've managed to get past that awkward length and I think it's down to a few things and here are some of them: 

Health: I've found that when you take care of yourself on the inside then it shows really on the outside, I always make sure I eat and drink well as it not only helps my hair it looks helps the state of my skin and nails too. A lot of people suggest vitamins for hair growth but I've never found anything that has made all too much of a difference and those vitamins can seriously rack up in price.

Cut: Yes even if you're growing your hair you need to get a trim regularly. Having the ends snipped off makes my hair look and feel so much that I barely even notice that little bit of length missing. 

Washing: I wash my hair every four or five days, It might be a little gross to some but the less I've washed my hair the better the condition that it's in. Grease is actually really good for your tresses, a product that has really helped me go that long without washing is the Bumble and Bumble Seaweed Shampoo*. A great option for really getting your hair super clean without leaving it stripped and dry and it's suitable for coloured locks too. 

Treat: Although my hair is really in pretty great condition which is important when you want to grow it I still make sure that I treat it on a weekly basis. I like to switch between a deep conditioner and a deep treatment and two that are great is the L'Oreal Ever Sleek Conditioner and the Lani Tropical Hair Treatment*

Protect: Even though it is rare that I use heat on my hair I always make sure I use something to protect it if I do. A great all rounder is the Bumble and Bumble Invisible Oil Primer* it protects, detangles and protects against the sun too which is something that we don't think about when it comes to our hair. I'm always conscious of looking after the ends of my locks as obviously the hair is really old so it needs a little more TLC and a great light weight oil is the John Frieda Curl Balancing Oil*.

Tools: The Tangle Teezer* has been such a great addition to my haircare routine and once I've been using for over 3 years now. I only brush my hair once a day so I need something that can deal with any knots with ease without pulling half of my hair out and the Tangle Teezer does just that.

Avoid: I try to avoid heat as much as I can, when I wash my hair I only blow dry my fringe so I can style it but I leave the rest of my hair to air dry. I only try and use heat appliances on it a couple of times a week too, by leaving the heat alone it has really helped my hair stay strong and healthy. As my hair is coloured I have to keep that up but I only get my roots touched up every few weeks and I leave the rest of lengths alone from any colouring.

What tips do you have for helping your hair grow?
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