15 Beauty Lessons

We all have those pieces of beauty advice that we cherish, whether we've learnt it from our favourite blogs or from the other ladies in our lives. So I've gathered together some my favourite beauty lessons that I've learnt over the years: 

1. Changing your pillowcases regularly is important when you have blemish prone skin.
2. As is washing your make up brushes.
3. Oils can work on oily skin.
4. Don't rub your wrists together when applying perfume, it breaks it down so it won't last as long.
5. Washing your hair everyday isn't good for it.
6. Apply moisturiser in an upward motion so you don't drag your face down.
7. Mineral oil really isn't the devil.
8. It's important to remember SPF even in the colder months.
9. Don't pick at spots.
10. Brushing your hair too much leads to un necessary breakage.
11. Applying translucent powder over lipstick through a tissue helps it last a lot longer.
12. Bronzer really doesn't work for everyone.
13. Don't try and cover up your freckles.
14. Using thin layers of foundation works a lot better than one thick one.
15. What works for one person doesn't work for everyone.

What beauty lessons have you learnt over the years?
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