4 Ways To Set Yourself Realistic Goals

As we're only 8 days away from 2015 there is something on all our minds which is what we want to achieve in the next 12 months. We have probably all fallen into the trap of making our goals too big and unmanageable which only leaves us feeling like we've started the new year on a bad note. As I've done that far too many times this year I've learnt from my mistakes and set myself more realistic goals and here is how I did it:

Be A Realist: I know you're probably singing that Iggy Azelea song now, am I right? Although I definitely am a dreamer I'm also realist about what I  can achieve. For example I would absolutely love to go into space but that realistically isn't something that I can do so I have to bring my dreams back down to earth (literally). Although the goals might not seem as adventurous doing it this way but at least you know that you might actually achieve them instead of setting yourself up for a failure.

Set Yourself A Time Frame: I'm a person who needs a deadline to work to, I don't work well with free reign of my time as I'm the queen of procrastination. Having an end date in sight really helps me to focus and pushes me harder to achieve it. 

Enjoy Them: This is the time of year when people put a lot of pressure on themselves to achieve goals that they don't really like for example the classic joining the gym. There is no point in making you do something that you absolutely hate, you're much better of putting your energy into something you do enjoy. 

Don't Get Disheartened: It's really easy to become disheartened when you don't achieve something that you really wanted to do. I recently wrote a post on why failing isn't always a bad thing which you can read here.

Do you have any tips for setting yourself realistic goals?
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