4 Hairstyles For When Your Hair Won't Co-Operate

My hair seems to be a little wild at the moment and whenever I try to just wear it down it within about 5 minutes it's not looking so great anymore. So I have been being a little more adventurous and putting my hair up in some styles that I know work even when my tresses are being troublesome.
Half Up Do 

1. Brush through your hair and then section off up to a 1/3 of the hair to work as your up do.

2. Create a pony tail with the hair and back comb to create a little bit of volume and lift and then use a bobby pin to secure it into place.

3. Loosen the hair a little to create a more relaxed and then hairspray into place.


1. Parting my hair into two and taking the small bottom section and twisting it into a very small bun at the bottom of the neck and pin securely into place.

2. I then flip my head over so I resemble cousin it and start to backcomb up the root of the hair but leaving the front of the hair smooth and flip my head back over and push the hair forwards to create that volume and pin it and wrap the remaining hair around the small bun I made previously. You have to be careful not to backcomb to much around the sides of the hair otherwise it creates a wide and flat hairstyle. 

3. After I've pinned everything into place I pull out little strands and curl them just to create a more undressed do, I tend to move my fringe into a more centre parting too as it works a little better.

4. Hairspray everything into place and voila. 

Messy Bun

1. Tie your hair up into a pony tail, I like to make mine a little messy. 

2. Then back comb the pony tail to add a lot of texture.

3. Wrap the hair around to form a bun shape, my hair always looks like candy floss at this point.

4. Then bobby pin the hair into place so it is nice and secure and just play around with till you have your desired shape.

5. Generally I just leave it there but you could spray some hairspray to keep it really in place.

Milkmaid Braids 

1. Brush your hair through and part it into a centre ish parting.

2. Lift your hair up slightly to around the middle of your head and start to plait the hair, the trick with shorter hair is to lift the hair so the hair wraps around easier I've found if it is too low it won't work.

3. Wrap the braid over and secure tightly with bobby pins, I find it easier without elastic bands as the hair can sit flat to the head this way.

4. Repeat on the other side and then secure the other braid underneath the other so no hair pins are on show.

5. I move my fringe into a messy middle of parting and pulled some strands out so that it isn't too neat, really I just want to look like Alexa Chung

What hairstyles do you go for when your hair isn't co-operating?
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