Getting Back Into Books

As a child I always read books and I mean always it was just how I was brought up, my mum would devour books in a matter of days and I just followed suit. Throughout my years at university and for a couple of years after the internet kind of took over my life and I read blogs and websites far more than actual books. I don't think the online world will ever take over my love for the written word and holding a physical object in my hands and nothing inspires me more than a good book. So lately I've really been getting back into reading and here are the books that I've been picking up: 

Not That Kind of Girl - Lena Dunham: Being such a huge GIRLS fan I was super excited to hear that Lena was releasing book and couldn't wait to give it a read. There are a lot of reviews online how it is just mostly about her genitals and after reading it I can kind of see their point. I absolutely loved the first half of the book but the second half I just couldn't get into which was disappointing. An interesting and entertaining read but I'm just a left feeling a little indifferent about it. 

In Clover Magazine: This is the first issue of the new release and it's beautiful. They are based in Cornwall but have a number of contributors based all over the world. The minimal design and the fact it contains no adverts makes me so happy, a lot of magazines are 80% adverts or advertorials. The content of In Clover is absolutely stunning, the simplicity of some features really breaks it up and I love the scans of letters and contributors journals. If you are near a Magma store I would highly recommend giving In Clover a flick through if you like magazines like Oh Comely, Cereal and Kinfolk. Also I know for titles sake this isn't technically isn't a book. 

It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want To Be - Paul Arden: I spoke about this book in a recent post and if you are a creative than you need to give this a read. Even though it's a quick read, it took me 50 minutes front to back it's really nice to just have to have sitting on my desk if I'm feeling kind of rubbish about my workday. It contains some really great advice from a living breathing creative who really knows his stuff and it was fun to hear about his personal experiences in the industry.

Eat Pretty - Jolene Hart: I'm cheating here because I've not finished this book yet but so far I'm really enjoying it. Something that is really important to me is nutrition and when I saw this book online I knew I needed to pick it up. My diet has improved so much over the past two years but there is always room for it to be even better. I love that this book talks about what is good for your insides as well as your outside too as diet plays a huge part in the condition of our complexion. I have feeling this is gonna become a bible for me over the next year. 

Whatever You Think, Think The Opposite - Paul Arden: Another book from Paul Arden and I already want more from him as they are just so good. It made me really think about how I make decisions and go about certain certain situations. In just 144 pages it made me see things in a completely different light so I think whenever I'm doubting stuff in the future I will be reaching for this as it's such an inspiring read. 

What have you been reading recently?
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