A Beginners Guide to Oils

There are certain areas of the beauty world that just fill me with fear and oils are one of those areas. It has taken me years to get to grips to them and even now I'm still a little shaky. There is something undeniably luxurious about an oil and especially in the colder months I've been reaching for them more and more as they are super hydrating to the skin. So from one novice to another I give you a beginners guide to oils: 
For years I was a bubble bath kind of girl but now I've become an oil girl for sure. Neom* and Aromatherapy Associates* are my go to brands as you really get your moneys worth with their products. Only a tiny capful infuses my bathroom with a beautiful spa like scent and my bath water is so luxe that I could soak for hours. Although it might not be obvious option an oil is lazy girls best friend as infusing your water with one leaves your skin so smooth that you don't even need to moisturise after.

If my skin is really feeling dehydrated and rubbish then I will usually reach for an oil to bring some pep back to my pins. The key with applying an oil to your entire body is to not go overboard, seriously you don't want to be an oil slick. Two great options are the Neom Real Luxury Oil* and the Garnier Body Ultimate Beauty Oil both of them come with a pump too which is a necessity for me. They are perfect for the party season as they add such a beautiful glow to the skin which is what we all want when we have to flash a little flesh. 

For years I was so scared to put an oil on my skin, I never thought my oily skin would react well to it. There was need for me to be so scared about it as applying an oil has actually helped my skin become more balanced and just generally a lot happier. I only use a tiny amount when my skin is in dire need of a treat and afterwards my complexion is so much more plump. A great one for beginners is the Balance Me Radiance Facial Oil* it's not too oily so if your skin is more spot prone this a great option. Then for the real luxe offering is the Clarins Facial Oil which is what I've been reaching for recently as a couple of drops adds so much hydration and life into the skin even when I've been out in the cold all day. 

Are you a fan of oils?
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