The Bare Necessities

Some beauty products aren't all that thrilling to talk about but they are total necessities to me and my everyday routine. I like to think of them as my beauty backbone they hold everything together and I would really feel a little bit lost without them. So here are my bare necessities and yes I do have that song from the Jungle Book going round in my head now.  

Garnier Body Repair Anti Dryness Restoring Lotion: Although I love my luxe body moisturisers for everyday I can't be using something that costs more than my weekly food shop. I discovered this number from Garnier over the summer months and I'm already on my second bottle of the stuff.  It sinks into the skin quickly but it doesn't scrimp on the moisture at all and I'm always left with silky smooth skin without feeling sticky. It's got a subtle scent which is ideal for everyday as it doesn't interfere with any perfume I might be using. 

Organic Surge Nourishing Shower Gel*: I'm quite picky when it comes to my shower gels, I have to have something that makes me feel awake as well as leaving my skin feeling nourished and this is exactly what this does. Even though it doesn't contain SLS it lathers up so well which is something I really like as it just makes me feel extra clean. 

Tesco Beauty Nail Polish Remover: Even though I must have tried 20 other nail polish removers I always come back to this one, yes I love the Bourjois Magic Pot Nail Polish remover but with a penchant for berry nails it doesn't end well after a while. A cheap and cheerful option that works better than it's high end counterparts, it removes nail polish quickly without leaving the nails super dry and it doesn't smell all that bad either. 

Soap & Glory Heel Genius: Not your typical necessity but I find my feet can get really dry and no one wants that. The best foot cream that I've never tried and I've been through numerous tubes of it since I discovered it a couple of years ago. It nourishes the skin without making it too slippy and greasy and automatically eases any dryness and it has a lovely scent. 

Mitchum 24 Hour Deodorant: Recently I've switched over to stick deodorants and I don't know how I went so long without using them. I've never felt so protected in my entire life and no matter how much I sweat at the gym I'm still left feeling dry which shocks me every time. Although it takes a little while to get used to formulation wise I don't think I will using a rollerball again.

Pro Formula Satin Razor: Maybe it's just me who completely begrudges the extortionate price of razors and don't even get me started on the refills. For years I've longed to find a razor that is great in quality but doesn't make my purse weep and I think I finally found one. You can a lot of use out of the blades before they go blunt and it feels really smooth to use and up to date I've never nicked my knees which I'm terrible for. So hooray for a razor that isn't too pricy but delivers in quality too. 

What are your bare necessities? 
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