An Interview With Tabitha From Scared Toast

Over the past month I've had the lovely Tabitha from the blog Scared Toast at the top of my side bar and I'm so glad I've discovered her blog, it's awesome. So if you're interested in knowing more about the lady behind the blog then keep on reading. 

So tell us about yourself Tabitha?

Where to start? I feel the need to define myself, and that's hard! Bookworm, worrier, crazy cat lady, stationary-junky, dreamer, easy-going, people pleaser are some of the words I use to describe myself. All in all, I'm just your average 20-something on a journey of self-discovery, really!

What got you into blogging?

I stumbled across beauty blogs a few years ago and was instantly hooked. I remember checking my favourites religiously, when one day I just thought 'I could do that!' It's a bit daunting at first, but I really enjoyed designing my blog and sitting down to write again. And through blogging I've not only discovered a love of photography, but a whole online community of likeminded people! It's something that's definitely shaped the person I am today.

Tell us more about your blog and how the name Scared Toast came about?

The majority of blogs at the time I started were beauty-focused. There was the odd bit of fashion, but beauty was definitely the norm. With products photographed against a backdrop of Cath Kidston bedding! Naturally, I went the same route and picked a suitably cosmetic-influenced name; but when I bought my URL I decided I didn't want to restrict myself to just make up and needed a new name that could be used for anything. I couldn't make my mind up for the longest time, until I misheard something my boyfriend suggested to me. 'Scared Toast' is a family term for toast that's undercooked (warm bread, basically!) and it just stuck. Now my blog's a mix of all sorts; I like to think there's something for everyone there!

Apart from running Scared Toast, what do you get up to?

My full time job is working in a primary school, and in my spare time you'll likely find me either with my head in a book or down the gym. I enjoy the former, not so much with the latter! Besides that, I'll always be checking my Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest feeds (who isn't?!), doing online shopping, or indulging in my guilty pleasure....Hollyoaks! It's the ultimate trashy soap, but it takes me back to my uni days and I love it!

What keeps you inspired when you're flagging a little?

This is a tough one, and over on my blog I've made no secret of the fact that I've been struggling to stay motivated lately. Other bloggers inspire me, so whether it's discovering a new blog or chatting to fellow bloggers, I think that's the main way I get the buzz and want to sit down to write again. Having an aesthetically-pleasing blog also makes me want to keep things fresh, so if I'm stuck in a rut I'll often give it a make over to try and shake things up a bit.

What is your favourite thing about blogging?

Without a doubt it's the people. I've met some really lovely people through blogging and made some solid friendships. You meet people in all walks of life, and as much as I value those longstanding friendships they're often formed through experiences and growing up together rather than shared interests. Blogging pools together a massive range of people and through reading blogs you easily find people who like the same things as you. And it's so nice to be able to chat to people about the perfect bob hairstyle without wondering if they're just humouring you to be polite!

Tell us about your favourite things about the moment? 

- My Kindle. This year I really got back into visiting the library again, and while nothing beats the feel and smell of a good book, you just can't beat a Kindle for how easy they are to hold and use.

- The festive feeling. I look forward to Christmas all year round, and I love this month when excitement's in the air, streets are decorated with lights and goodwill is running high.

- My new hat. I've just bought this hat from River Island and I'm obsessed with it! It's a nice weight, so soft and the marabou bobble is just too cute. This lilac colour is becoming a winter favourite....I want to buy more things in this shade!

- Lip liner with lipstick. I hate to be a cliché, but the lip liner trend is right up my street. My favourite combo at the moment is Soar liner with Snob lipstick (both from MAC) for a pinkier take on the nude lip look.

What are some of your favourite blogs at the moment?

So many! Off the top of my head, A Little Opulent, The Private Life of a Girl and Katherine-Louise. I'm always on the lookout for more to follow though! 

What is to come on Scared Toast in the future?

The Christmas holidays at work are coming up, so I'm hoping to invest some time in getting back to basics, making the most of the daylight to take lots of photographs and submerge myself in my blog. I'm hoping that 'day out' posts will become more of a feature in the New Year and I'm sure there'll be lots of book reviews and possibly another round of making memories with my sister. I'll definitely be focusing on sharing with you the simple things that make life worthwhile.

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