5 Totally Underrated Products

After sharing five products that are totally worth the hype I thought I would share five items that are completely underrated in the blogging world in my opinion. Finding fantastic products that I've never heard anybody really talk about is one of my favourite things to do. It just feels oddly satisfying, like I've found a case of hidden treasure or something. So here are five items that I think are totally underrated: 

Soap & Glory Heel Genius: There have been a couple of people talk about this recently and I'm so glad other people are discovering the wonder that is this product. Maybe it's because it involves feet and no one likes to talk about those, poor things they've got a bad rep. Especially during winter I always make sure to apply a dollop of this to my tootsies and I'm left with beautifully smooth feet afterwards. If you really want to help ease any dryness than apply this and slip into socks as that gives them a pretty intense soak.

Clarins Hydraquench Tinted Moisturiser*: Although Clarins are definitely becoming a brand that are getting a fair bit of love in the blogging world it's not enough in my opinion. This tinted moisturiser is really beautiful to wear alone or as a base under make up, it just really picks up the skin without making it too greasy looking. Once the warmer months roll back around I will be back to using this on a daily basis.

Dr Jart Water Sure Gel*: Remember when everybody went absolutely gaga for Hydroluron? Yeah me too. I used up a tube of the stuff and sure I liked it but clearly I didn't like it that much as I never felt the need to buy it again. When this little aqua pot came into my life I swear I heard my skin have a hallelujah moment. I use this in combination with a moisturiser even though it can be used alone to keep my battered and abused winter complexion at ease and I've never seen my skin look so plump and glowing, it's awesome. I've never heard anything about this line from Dr Jart before but I will be definetely picking up another tub of this when I run out.

Clinique Anti Redness Primer: There was a big fuss over these primers when they were first released and then I've never heard much since. Jen kindly passed this along to me and I'm so glad that she did as it's become an absolute staple in my make up bag. If you are prone to blemishes I would really recommend this as it works so well at zapping away any redness which makes them so much easier to conceal. It leaves the skin feel super smooth so applying make up over the top is a dream and it never pills up either which is a big pet hate of mine.

Clarins Truly Waterproof Mascara*: Like I said Clarins doesn't get enough love in my opinion. However before I begin I need to eat my own words as I gave this mascara a pretty scathing review when I first tried it out and I still stand by what I said at the time but now this has dried out slightly it's a different story. It holds a curl in my lashes and gives me a lot of volume which is something they really need. Even though it's waterproof I don't find it too difficult to remove which is a big factor when using a waterproof mascara.

What products do you think are underrated? 
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