Shaking Away Those Winter Blues

Lately I've not quite been feeling my best, my energy and productivity levels are at all time low and I could quite happily sleep for the next couple of months. Unfortunately I'm not a bear so I can't go into hibernation as tempting as it might be so I need to get myself out this winter slump I seem to be in. I think this happens to a lot of us around the Christmas period as it can be pretty stressful and a lot of work goes into the festivities so naturally we all want a rest. Here are a few things I've been trying to shake away those winter blues: 

Make Plans: Once all the festivities are over I always feel myself go into this strange little slump so I always like to make a few plans to help me stay out of it. They don't have to be big or expensive even just meeting a friend and going for a walk can be a massive help. 

Get More Sleep: We're all busy at this time of year being sociable human beings and that can leave us all feeling pretty tired. More than ever I've found myself needing more sleep than usual and the time that I've been going to sleep has been getting later and later yet I've been waking up earlier and that has been leaving me with some pretty hefty eye bags and needing an afternoon nap just to get through the day. The last couple of evenings in particular I've been making a real big effort to shut down my laptop and settle down with one of my new books with a few candles lit and it's been doing me the world of good.

De-Clutter: It's easy to let things slip when you're too busy having fun but personally there is nothing I love more than having a huge clean once Christmas is done. I always take this chance to give my room a complete refresh and re-organise and mostly importantly get rid of any clutter that might be hanging around. 

Start Something New: Having something to throw yourself into is something I've found great to get myself out of a lull. I'm currently trying to start cross stitching I just need to buy everything and I'm super excited to start a new hobby and learn something new.

Organise: Along with cleaning I find sitting down with my fresh diary and calendar can really help to start feeling pro-active once again. This also ties in with making plans as once you know your schedule you can start planning some fun things.

What do you do to get rid of the winter blues?
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